Everyone loves décor and interior design because interior design is an art that shapes your home and gives it any ambiance you desire. Matching that with your home’s soul is a little tricky, though.

Although TVs are popularly believed to be the center and soul of every home, we’ve all felt bothered by the way our TVs dim and fade into black-screens when they’re shut off.

But, you know what? Now, you can finally make your TV go perfectly with the rest of your home’s style. It’s an actual possibility because Samsung has introduced The Frame, a TV that will not only match your home’s aesthetic but will also elevate it!

No, we’re not at all exaggerating when we say The Frame TV will improve your home aesthetics. As renowned interior designer Hany Saad puts it, “TVs are no longer just things you use to watch shows and movies; they’re now a part of your lifestyle.”

The best part about The Frame TV, by far, is that it comes in a Frame-Look design that will simply turn your TV into an art piece!

And it doesn’t stop there, either. Because The Frame TV is a part of your lifestyle and overall home aesthetic, it fits very flexibly. From the way it’s mounted to all the places it can be set up in.

“Samsung’s The Frame TV comes with a No Gap Wall Mount”, Saad says. “Which makes us able to hang up the screen without leaving a gap between it and the wall, meaning it will blend with the overall design.”

Another thing he added was about The Frame TV’s separately sold accessories, “the Studio Stand is also an amazing development! With it, we can now set up our screens in places we have never been able to set them up before.”

“But”, you may want to ask, “what will happen to the TV when I turn it off? All TVs just go blank.”

When turned off, The Frame TV automatically goes to Art Mode, which replaces the black-screen with any artistic masterpiece you choose.

This is not the case here. The Frame’s name comes from the fact that this TV comes with its own customized frames and four different bezel colors (sold separately) —beige, brown, black, and white—to match any home style.

And speaking of those choices, don’t worry, we’re getting there.

In The Frame’s TV Art Store, you will have over 1,000 art pieces to choose from as you please.

“From your remote, you can switch to the Art Mode to pick from a wide variety of masterpieces”, Hany Saad says. “You can even upload personal photos, ones that represent the best moments of your life, to display them on screen when the TV is off.”

And you won’t have to worry about the quality or color volume either because the Frame delivers a color volume of 100% QLED picture quality that actually enhances the colors of original works to make them more vivid and enjoyable. Yes, this picture quality is just as strong when The Frame’s TV Mode is on!

Who says every piece of your home can’t be made into art?