Alia and Dina Al-Abd are sisters and founders of WeddingHubEG; the first and largest destination for all matters related to weddings in Egypt. The two sisters had one dream and together they worked hand in hand until they transformed this dream into reality. We met them over coffee to hear all about their exciting start-up and how they made it happen.

What was the inspiration behind WeddingHubEG?

Alia: The story goes back to 2015, when one of our closest friends was about to get married. We witnessed and had first-hand experience with the big hassle of trying to plan a wedding. Finding the RIGHT wedding professionals, setting appointments, arranging payments, and not to mention the actual execution of the wedding could all get extremely hectic. Without professional guidance, the bride and groom to be could get lost and overwhelmed. A light bulb came over our heads then; it was to create a website that guides couples throughout the process of planning and executing their wedding. We aimed for the website to be their one-stop guide to their big day.

How does work?

Dina: is designed to provide brides and grooms with all the wedding planning details and tools there is, which will make their life easier and will help them be in control of their day. The website is extremely easy to use and is divided into three parts; the first part is Browse Listing, where couples can browse wedding professionals from wedding planners, fashion designers, photographers, make-up artists…etc. The second part is Planning Tools, the budgeter and the checklists that have been developed based on the input of more than 100 bride and grooms to be. These tools, depending on the couple’s input, such as wedding date and planned budget, will provide them with a monthly guide that covers all the wedding tasks and details, and will break down their budget in order for them to know what to spend on each category. Last but not least, the third part of our website is the blog; our newest addition that covers all the tips and tricks couples would need throughout their wedding journey, as well as new and exciting “insider” wedding information.

Give us an example why using can be really effective.

Dina: The keywords for a successful wedding are comfort and confidence. Comfort that the wedding professional the couple picked knows what the couple wants, and confidence because they trust this vendor to deliver what the couple expects from them. So instead of couples spending hours and days looking for the right vendors for their wedding, and then spending some more contacting them, setting appointments and a host of other details, we did all the research for them, and took the weight off their shoulders. All they have to do is browse the website where they will find the top wedding professionals in Egypt, ranked, with pictures of their work, their contact information, and their social media platforms… all in one place. Furthermore offers a highly interactive experience where couples will find unique reviews about vendors shared by their previous clients and they can share their experiences as well. And that’s how you choose your favourite vendors.

What are the challenges you faced to launch

Alia: Launching a brand new and inventive idea was very challenging, no doubt about it. Breaking new ground always is. Some of the vendors we contacted before launching the website didn’t believe in our idea and never thought that it would succeed or see the light of day. But we didn’t let this stop us; we believed in our purpose and ourselves and kept going. After a lot of hard work and dedication, the website came to life and the vendors were surprised and amazed by how we executed the idea. Now it’s been almost a year that we launched it, and it started raising awareness every since. In addition, another challenge we faced was getting support from people around us, and that’s the hard thing about doing something new, and going against the crowd, support will come in short supply. But we got through this challenge as well, and are so thankful to all the people who had faith in us, and believed in our success.

Some quick tips for brides and grooms who are in the midst of planning their wedding.

Dina: Behind every fantastic wedding is a team of top-notch vendors. Bride and grooms to be should hone in on wedding professionals who will mirror and solidify their wedding vision, who are best for the couple’s budget, style, and personalities. So communicate with the vendors you prefer in order to know if they are what you’re looking for. You can attend an event hosted by the DJ you like, book trial appointments with the make-up artist and hair stylist, join a tasting session at the venue, ask the wedding planner for mood-boards, sketches, and samples. If you feel like you trust this vendor with your wedding, hire them immediately.

On the wedding day, surround yourself with people with positive vibes, capable of comforting you if stressed. Trust the wedding professionals you picked and let them do their jobs to avoid stressing yourself out. It’s your day; you shouldn’t be fussing over anything other than enjoying yourself. Hire an assistant on the wedding day or delegate close friends to make sure that everything is in place.

WeddingHubEG was your dream that came true, what advice do you give to people to go after their dreams?

Alia: First off, organize your thoughts. The thing about dreams is that they are so big and messy; you have to put them in order so that you can work on making them true, and turn them into projects. Always follow you passion, it’s your fuel to keep going and never giving up. Be so generous with your dedication to your dream; put no limit to the amount of work you will devote to it. Surround yourself with positive people, who believe in you, in your project and who will supply you with good vibes when you’re feeling down, and when you get tired of the obstacles that will come your way.