Relationship issues come in all shapes and sizes. If you are feeling desperate about your relationship, you are probably not the only one. No one is perfect! No matter what problems you are facing with your partner, many others may be in the same boat.
1. Insecurity

The feeling of insecurity, particularly in women, is just unbearable. Many women feel left behind, thinking their partners do not really care about them. Well, men are a bit more practical; this needs to be acknowledged.


2. Trust

Why is it so hard for men to say the truth about who they really are? Come clean and leave it up to me to either take it or leave it! Being truthful is the only thing I ask of you!

3. Jealousy

Men! stop being jealous over the smallest things! I have so many boy “friends”, the same way you have girl “friends”! You shouldn’t act that jealous, if you are sure that I love you.


4. Facebook Addict

Couples rarely engage in serious conversations; either women are updating their Facebook statuses, or men are checking political tweets .


5. Lack of Communication

That’s the worst! Couples choose  NOT to face each other with their problems. Instead, they talk to friends or even strangers about their problems, just to avoid confrontation. At the end, ego matters unfortunately.

6. Expectations

Nothing brings more misery to the relationship than expectating too much from your partner. People have the tendency not to be realistic. There is no perfect man! There is no perfect woman. Easy!

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