The gym is a challenging place to be in. You basically hit it and opt to work on your fitness level or your body shape! At least that’s how the gym is supposed to be like! Egyptian girls, however, have somehow twisted the whole notion of what a gym is. Here’s a list of the different types of Egyptian girls you’ll find in the gym:

The Enthusiast

This girl is literally everywhere. She’s running on the treadmill, doing crunches, lunges and everything you could ever think of! Also there is not a class that she misses. Zumba, Kickboxing, Yoga, Body Combat; YOU NAME IT! SHE IS THERE!

The “Ana Ha3mel Diet Mn Bokra” Girl

This is the girl who just joined the gym and everything about her just screams NEWBEE! You’d mostly find her walking on the treadmill, because she probably doesn’t know how to do anything better.ย And let me just tell you, with her, diet always starts tomorrow!


She shows up in full makeup and she literally never repeats an outfit! We call them the make up girls; they don’t hit the gym to become fit. There is an ulterior motive clearly detectedย in how you always find them hanging out with gym buffs and asking them for “fitness tips”, SUREE!

El Namama

This girl knows everyone and their life stories! Where they went to school, what they majored in, what they do for a living and how much they earn. She’s also aware of the starting date of everyone in the gym! When they first came and how they looked like when they first started out! So the next time you find a girl coming to you with the famous questionย “3refty eh el 7asal?”, run like hell. You might be hearing what happened to someone now, but you’ll eventually be THE story someday!

And do it, and do it, and do it…

The Social Media Buff!

This girl usually works out in mirrored rooms, and her work out routine is mainly focused on one thing: Glutes. She’ll do anything though to show off her butt to her thousands of followers on Instagram and Snapchat, and honestly she kind of earned it!

The Social Butterfly

She knows literally everyone, and somehow everyone likes her! she’s always chatting with people and helping them with their workout routines. You know all her weekend plans and what she likes to do for fun. You start to wonder if she ever has time to workout herself!


We literally look up to this woman! She’s the definition of a person who has it all! We don’t know how she does it or how she manages to balance between her home, work and the gym. She comes in everyday and she absolutely kills it on the weight machines, with absolutely no warm up!”


The “Minds Her Own Business” Girl

This girl is our favorite. She’s nice to everyone. She smiles and greets everyone politely, yet she still manages to mind her own business. She usually comes in, puts her headphones on and finishes her workout routine then goes home!

Finally, no matter which one of these girls you are, you’re still a champ. YOU DID HIT THE GYM! ๐Ÿ˜‰ย