Egyptian weddings are a thing of their own. People usually talk about how unique Indian weddings are, but the truth is they got nothing on Egyptian weddings! That being said, what makes our weddings especially unique is the people, which is why we brought you the different types of Egyptians you meet at weddings!

1. The “I came here to dance” Guest

We’ve all encountered one of those. We don’t know who they came for. Is it the bride, is it the groom? This guest doesn’t care because they will dance the night away even when the bride and the groom themselves don’t feel like it.

2. The “My only mission is to search for a groom” Guest

You know how you would usually expect your bridesmaid to be the happiest person for you in the ballroom! Well, she can be that too, but we both know that her main goal is to find a groom for herself! You’ve got to understand, she is not going to stay single forever! Not to mention the sweet moms who keep dragging their daughters around and forcing them to greet eligible bachelors!

3. The Haters

We know them by heart. They just love to hate everything. The bride is not as pretty as the groom. The groom is not rich enough, and they were surely stingy when throwing this wedding party says the really old woman while having a mouthful of wedding cake.

4. The 3o2balek Woman

It doesn’t matter if she doesn’t know you, she’ll still give you her blessing and wishes you her 3o2baleks! But I don’t want to get married you woman-I’ve-never-met-before!

5. The Sob Girl

You’d find this girl crying during the whole wedding. What the heck is wrong with you? Your best friend is getting married. She’s not dying dude!

6. The One that Got Married Last Year

This one is Mrs. Know It All. She knows how the whole wedding is going to unfold and she usually starts her every sentence with “In my wedding,..” We hate to break it to you sister, but your wedding is so last year, alright!

7. The Hot Cousin that You’ve Never Seen Before!

You know the bride and the groom so well and you thought you were on good terms with all their cousins and friends, and then at the wedding, you’re surprised with the ugly truth! Your friend has kept that hottie hidden from you all this time!

Weddings ladies and gentlemen. Egyptian weddings!