A best friend is someone you don’t need to talk to every single day. In fact, you can go on for weeks without communicating, but still click and pick up where you left off the minute you finally meet. Best friends fall into several categories as follows:

  1. El-Fatayeen:



They have to voice their opinion about everything and anything even when you didn’t ask for it. They are MOSTLY wrong though. Never ask them for road directions; you’ll end up in the middle of nowhere.

  1. The Sweethearts:



The “too cute” kind of friends who are just simply adorable; they love everyone and everything. They love all the “too cute” stuff and have to attach “Oh My God” to any statement…”OMG flowers”, “OMG look at this cute baby”, “OMG this is soooo cute.”

  1. The Rude:



Their offensive nature dominates their actions and words, not just with their friends but with strangers too.

  1. The Weirdos:

They like to talk about really weird stuff and do some even weirder shit. They are the kind of people you wouldn’t like to be seen with in public; they are totally CRAZY but so much fun!!

  1. The Spontaneous:

They don’t mind venturing in any ‘big idea’ at any given moment. They are your fun travel and adventure buddies. They’re always one phone call away to any ‘on the spot’ activity.

  1. The Quiet:

They are always silent; blabbering is just not one of their qualities. They love listening to the world rather than participating in it. They could be boring at times, but you love them anyway.

  1. The Noisy:



They chatter and chatter and chatter and never seem to shut up. They love talking, not necessarily about anything of importance but they HAVE to talk. They prefer to mingle with strangers and could go on for hours.

  1. El-Zananeen:



All they do is “zan”; let’s eat, let’s eat, let’s eat!! They have the ability to ask you the same question 100 times till you hate whatever they wanted to do.

  1. The Dramatics:



They make a fuss out of everything; they have the ability to turn anything into “Les Miserables”.

  1. The Eaters:



They are always hungry. They literally eat whatever they can lay their hands on.

  1. The Whiners:



They whine indefinitely about everything; their job, relationships, parents; life in general. All they do is nag, nag, nag no matter what.

  1. The Fun Suckers:



They are too conservative; they suck the fun and happy out of any situation because they are too concerned about what people will think of them.

  1. The Cynics:

They reply to ANYTHING with sarcasm. They ridicule everything and everyone even themselves.

  1. The Jokers:



They can only joke. It is impossible to have a serious conversation with this type because eventually it will turn into laughing material.

  1. The Intruders:



They are the “I told you so” type of people. They love interfering in everyone’s life and sticking their nose where they shouldn’t. They have to meddle with every single decision you need to take.

Despite each type’s pros and cons, you simply cannot live without any of them. They complete you somehow, one way or another.