Heart Breakers

Breakups happen all the time for diverse reasons. There are several types of heart breakers who have different reasons for ending a relationship! Let’s have a look at some of them:

1- Mr. Nicey Nice

This one always goes for the “You deserve better” or “It’s not you; it’s me” approach. They want to get it over with but still walk away with the good guy image “Enti bgd testahli 7ad a7sn meni” *Sniff* 2allak!

2- The Ghost!

This type gradually fades away. Day by day, they don’t seem to exist anymore until the relationship eventually dies out and you sit there clueless! Like WTH?!

3- The Mysterious One

They leave for no obvious reasons! Or their reasons just don’t make any sense! It’s like “Kefaya keda”.

4- The Blamer

They make you feel that everything is your fault because they simply don’t want to take the blame. Don’t feel guilty; listen to Mr. Nicey Nice up there and slap them in the face!

5- The Bad Timing Dude

This type breaks up with you when you most need them. Like, you could be going through rough times and they still break up! Mesh wa2tak 5alis ya Emad!

6- The Normal One

They state their reasons, which are barely true, and end it properly. We still hate you because you broke our hearts. #SorryNotSorry

7- Eli Byetlakek

They pick up a fight over the stupidest thing to end the relationship! Could you be more obvious?! “Enti mas2ltneesh ana kalt eh! I’m breaking up with you!”

8- The Lost One

This type doesn’t even know why they’re leaving. They suddenly became uncomfortable. Reasons? You won’t find any so don’t go looking for them!

9- El Motanaqed

I really care about you; I have feelings for you. You’re the only one who truly knows me but I can’t do it anymore! Shokran ya 2a5!