Who said that “shakhseyat el aflam” only belong in movies? Those types of mora2been el wezara never failed to bring these characters to real life in the most unexpected and hilarious ways!

1. Miss Enshera7

The ones who argue about your answers and pretend to know everything and don’t admit they’re wrong. Not to mention how confidently they do it!

2. Khaleek fresh e7na f re7la mora2eb

There’s the too cool mora2eb who’s just outgoing and lets everyone cheat and doesn’t mind you exchanging papers with others! “Talama in public w mafeesh feelings, SO WHAT??”

3. The one who gives you wrong answers

There’s always this mora2eb who volunteers to help you out of the blue; and their answers tend to be always wrong!

4. “Men in black”

It’s the mora2eb who wouldn’t take his sunglasses off just for the sake of the suspense! No one dares to cheat in front of that mora2eb as no one knows whether he’s looking at them, looking away, or even sleeping!

5. Miss Merfat

Ever got exposed to that kind of mora2eb who insists to speak to you in English and prove their skills?

6. The one who doesn’t leave you alone 

We all have been there, having one mora2eb all over our heads, if not share our seats with us; looking at us in awkward silence.

7. The chatterboxes 

No matter how hard we tried, those kind of mora2been never stopped talking! We were all forced to hear their unnecessary stories as well as what they’re cooking for lunch!

8. Ramadan Mabrouk Abou El Alamein Hammouda

The fierce mora2eb that you don’t want to deal with, the one who basically wouldn’t let you do anything and gives you a hard time for moving or laughing!

9. El mora2eb “el lazeez”

The mora2eb who as soon as enters your lagna, throws that “khaleena lozaz ma3 ba3deena” line for the exam to pass peacefully and for you not to cheat and stay quiet!

10. The one who wants to “mark his territory” AKA his personality

He’s the type of too cool for you mora2eb who will make you hate your life and entire exam duration! He keeps on throwing some epic lines and talks about how saytara and 3ala wad3o he is!

11. Takol leb?

There’s always always this kind of leb eater who turns the entire classroom into a living hell and gives you the non-stop 2az2aza sounds that get on your nerves! “Takol leb?”

12. From another planet moshref

That moshref who just doesn’t care about you or about anything else and doesn’t want anyone ruining his peace! “Bete3mil eh? -Batshames!”

Which type of mora2been el wezara did you encounter while having your e3dadeya or thanaweya 3amma exams??