By: Salma Hanno

Each one of us has his own problems: at home, at work and with friends. We don’t need other negative actions in our lives. Living in Egypt actually makes us numb to the negative vibes around us. Here are few types of negativity that every Egyptian faces in his/her daily life: 

1- The valet on the street believes it’s his right to take money. For doing what??? Nobody actually knows. It’s as if this part of the street is his own property, so you have to pay him for allowing you to park your car there. They always ask very bluntly and rudely “hat7asebny delwa2ty walla lama terga3?” No, you greedy jobless annoying man, I’LL NEVER PAY YOU!!! 

Annoyed face gif

2- The supermarket delivery man either keeps the receipt for himself so that he can take the change the supermarket sent with him ” ba2y 50 geneeh” or he’ll rudely tell you “ma3eesh fakka” so that you’ll be forced to tip him. But, aren’t you getting paid for this job??? Why should I tip you?!!

Nicki Minaj annoyed

3- 7ares el 3omara el gedeeda that’s being built gives himself the right to make his own business and make people park in front of- and sometimes in- the building that he’s guarding in return for money. He even makes you feel that he has made you a favour by allowing you to park in his “personal area” of the street. 

4- People cross the streets without looking either ways to make sure no car is coming their way. Obviously, they believe that “they’re taking a walk down the corridor in their house”. And if you dare use your car horn to warn them that you’re moving they yell at you “EHHHHHH!!! MAFEEESH SABR!!!”


5- People who never walk on the pavement and always walk in the middle of the street: Their logic is -obviously- the pavements were made for cars to be driven on and not for passers-by. 

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6- Shops owners refuse to make you park in front of their shops. “HATWA2AF REZ2ENA KDA YA BASHA!!!” No, your ‘REZ2’ will come to you in any time and any place. Nobody will stop it. Only God can hold it back.