Just when we think that life’s perfect and we’re finally ahead of everything and about to make some really good memories; strikes any of the following passengers who remind you not to get your hopes up during the flight!

1. The Snorer

We still didn’t take off and the snoring begins! This guy snores the entire flight and you just can’t do anything about it, but wish they wake up!

2. The Seat Kicker

Worst type of passengers. Just when you start to relax and feel comfortable in your own seat; here comes the seat kicker! AND GOAAAL!!!

3. The Loud Talker

The one who’s too loud on the phone before the take off, after landing, or while communicating with anyone. They always have a very high tone!

4. The Starer

Ever fall asleep and when you wake up, you find another passenger staring right at you? As if they’ve been studying you for a further kidnap or thinking maybe you are a long lost relative or something..

5. The First-time On Airplane

Of course that’s amazing! But sharing it out loud and commenting all the time on anything and everything very very loudly, doesn’t make it any easier on the rest of the passengers. OH look! A CLOUD!

6. The Brat

That kid who won’t stop running all over the aisle or bumping into each passenger’s seat! The one who doesn’t sleep and does nothing but talk or cry or make your life a living hell!

7. The Cheerleader 

The one who claps as soon as the airplane lands; as they made it through the flight and are safe and sound! PHEW, let’s give that pilot a good clap!

8. Sleeping Beauty

The all time sleeper. The angel of the airplane who simply doesn’t move, talk, kick your seat, or do anything that would make your flight a living hell. We need more of these angels.

9. The Sociable

We all know that passenger who befriends everyone including the crew! They make sure not to get off that airplane not knowing anyone at all. Want some more peanuts, friend?

10. The Complainer

That person who doesn’t stop demanding, moving or complaining! The passenger who demands a seat, snacks, drinks, and constantly uses the call button. They often fidget, push the seat in front, flip the tray table up and down and roll their eyes.

11. The Aviophobic

People who fear flying; who just scream or freak out during take off and landing and hold on tight to their seats and seat belts!

12. The Toilet Goer

If you happen to go to the toilet, you’ll always bump into that one person who keeps on going to the toilet during the entire flight.

13. The Disease Sharer


The person who has a cold OR worse and sneezes and coughs all over you during the flight. We all avoid sitting next to those; especially the ones who do not cover their mouths while coughing, or the ones who sneeze all over your food and wipe their hand on their tray!!

14. The Personal Space Invader

There’s always this one person who doesn’t see a problem in getting caught spying on you or looking at your phone or at whatever you’re doing, if not interfere in your conversation or sleep on your shoulder!

15. The Armrest Dominator 

The passenger who is oblivious to your need or even right to also share the armrest. The armrest is a divider which is too narrow for two people to share. If this type of passenger is in the middle seat, it is likely they will take both armrests. If not, the passenger behind does it!

There are many different types of passengers that we all bump into or have bumped into already on a flight; but which ones have you faced?