By: Sarah Ayaman

Okay so Ramadan is here and don’t even get me started on the hunger we feel till Azan. So I thought I’ll sum up types of people in Ramadan that we see everyday. Don’t take anything personal though, it’s all for the sake of humor.

1) The tv shows fangirl/fanboy.

We all know that person, the overly excited for the tv shows. The one that watches every single series and show, sometimes feels guilty about watching tv instead of reading Quran, fyrouh ye2ra 3 ayat wa yrga3 tani. And of course, who constantly talks about if Hassan El-Radaad hwa el safa7 walla la2.


2) The guilty feeler.

This one is a bit close to the first one, but instead the guilt takes over him and next thing you know, he’s praying 15 rak3a lellah and asking for forgiveness.


3) The Sleeping Beauty.

The one that continuously sleeps from Sohour to Iftar. The second he hears the word “Azan Al-Maghrib” in his deep sleep, he jumps out of bed.


4) The cop.

The one that’s always on your case. “Enta btsm3 a3’any wenta saym!” “Enta masaltsh el tarawee7!” “Enta ma2oltsh besm ellah abl ma takol!”, I can handle my religion life just fine dude, get off my back!


5) The hypocrite.

That one in your family that everyone thinks he’s an angel brought down as a gift from god, and whenever your family is around they keep comparing you both to each other. By3ayrook beih men el akhr. To be honest maybe he’s a better person in the Seyam time, but just when Iftar comes, he parties like an animal. Not very fair for you huh?


6) The christian.

We all have those christian friends that celebrates with us and makes Seyam easier for us. But also takes advantage of all the Ramadan discounts and goes on a very fancy vacation!