All men suffer the consequences when they misunderstand their spouse, girlfriend or fiancé’. Finally the power to understand what she actually means is here. You’ll find the language of women translated out for you. Here are some phrases women might say but might not actually mean:


1- He: Habebty mmken al3ab kora ma3 sohaby el naharda w nokhrog bokra?
She: Fine, if that’s what you want to do.

-Guys: It’s never fine and don’t ever think of going out. When translating women’s language Yes = No.
-Dear Women: how about telling him “I want you to stay with me today“ instead of saying yes while eating yourself up inside.

2-Is she pretty? … = Is she prettier than me.
And when he innocently responds “Ah helwa.”
She: Eh ya3ny asdak ahla menny!?
Women: easy tiger, you asked a question, right? Accept the answer.
Men: Maybe you can add a little complement “Ah helwa bas enty el naharda shaklek helw awy begad, you look beautiful”


3- We need … = I want
-When a woman tells you “ehna mehtagen nokhrog ma3 ba3d shwia aktar mn kda” it means she wants you to “tekharagha w takhod balak menha shwia”.

4-I’ll be ready in 5 minutes
Guys you can now find a good game to watch on television.
5 minutes are always 15 if not 30, excuse me ladies: D.
Women: Try to say the exact time w lawen da msh hayehsal ashan law olty “hab2a gahza Kaman nos sa3ah” hatethaza2y.
Men: Hatza3a2laha law altlak nos sa3ah? At least she’s trying to tell you the exact time.


5-I’m not upset= ….of course, I’m upset you moron!

He: Malek?
She: Mafesh haga
He: Enty meday2a men eh?
She: Ana msh meday2a aslan.
He: okay.
He: Tyb mateday2eesh menny. Lessa za3lana.
She: La2 3ady.
Dear Men: It’s quite clear she’s upset with you but “La2 3ady” means = I’ll leave you to figure it out all by yourself.
Women: Msh lazm alghaz , can you be direct and tell him alatol fi ehh .. haha “la2 ezaay”.



6-Am I fat? = …Tell me I’m beautiful.

6 choose
7- The guide to responding to “What’s wrong?”

The same old thing = Nothing
Nothing = Everything
Nothing, really = It’s just that you’re such an idiot! Akeed neseeit anniversary walahaga.


8-Was that the baby? = ….Why don’t you get out of bed and cuddle him until he goes back to sleep.

9-I’m not yelling! = ….Yes I am yelling because I think this is important.
Ana msh baza3a2 when in fact her voice is so loud hayokhrom taba2et el ozone 😀

10-You have to learn to make good conversation. = …..Just agree with me.


11-Do whatever you want= ….enta ezay betfakar ta3ml kda aslan.


12-Are you listening to me!? = ….Ala fekra ana batkalm , are you dead?


13-Do you love me? = …Ana hastaghel el mawkef, I’m going to ask for something expensive now.

14-I want new curtains = …and carpeting, and furniture, and wallpaper…..
El beit etbahdel awy bos el satayer 3amalt ezay when in fact she doesn’t of course meanel satayer bas.

15- How much do you love me? = ….I did something today you’re really not going to like.

16- “We need to talk about our relationship.”
 =….. Enta mekabar awy maynfa3sh kda and you did something horrible.


17- “Do you wanna get some coffee’” = …..I want coffee or I want to go out with you, you jerk!

18- “I wish I could have a brother like you” = …..I can Never date you.


19- “Laila and Ali are such a cute couple” =….Nefsy na3mel zayohom


20-“Go away!” = ….Come closer