The spirit of every wedding lies within its music! It can lift your day up high until you feel like you’re dancing among the clouds, or it can easily and cold bloodedly kill your vibe on the most important day of your life. So dear future brides, you need to pay extra attention to your choice of DJs. That’s the reason why we are stepping in to help you in that matter. Below is our recommended list of the top wedding DJs that you can trust.

Hady Sabaa

DJ Hady Sabaa For Weddings & Events Company is a Lebanese Egyptian Company specialized in entertainment. It offers sound & light equipment, laser shows and fireworks. You can say that they’ve got the whole package and you won’t need to worry about a thing.

Bassem Nagy

Based in Egypt, Bassem Nagy is specialized in weddings, engagements, private and corporate events. He knows how to spice up any wedding and is extremely talented in sensing the taste of his audience.

Ramy The DJunkie

It’s all about Music Not Genres. That’s What DJunkie Stands for: The DJ and The Music “Junkie” that appreciates it all, and mixes it all, leaving you in a euphoric bliss. He is also one of the few Egyptian musicians to go international, making it to Europe and the Gulf region.

Roro Assaf

Since 2002 Roro has been a pioneer in the wedding party business. Assaf provides entertainment consultancy services with his team of DJs, as well as local and international musicians. Besides that, he has performed in many different cities such as Venice, Paris, Beirut and Abu Dhabi.

Nadim El Sabaa

Spinning among clubs since 2002, Nadim El Sabaa started entertaining weddings in 2006. He is very passionate about music and strongly believes that his ultimate objective is to radiate good will toward his audience. He plays many music genres including Funk, Disco, Old school, Deep House, RnB & Hip Hop, Oriental and a wide variety of Arabic top hits.