Does size really matter? This must be one of the most frequently asked questions in the history of mankind. Men tend to measure their masculinity by the size of their penises; most of them think they’re actually below the average size. Truth is, women don’t really care. Do men really think it’s a big deal? Is it actually a big deal? Here are some facts based on scientific studies:

-The human penis is an indication of human evolution

Gorillas have an average penis size of 3.81 cm. The first Homosapien also had the same average size. Over the years, it’s proven that the size grew to almost triple. Just by looking at old Greek statues, you could tell.

-“The size” is one of the main reasons men have anxiety disorder

Men are obsessed with their sexual organs; some are psychologically damaged because of it.

-Men think the average size is 15 cm

Based on a recent study in the UK which measured the sizes of 15,000 European and Middle Eastern men, the average size was 13.12 cm. When they were asked what they expected the average size would be, most men predicted 15 cm. Reality is, 15 cm is the above average.


Statistics aside, let’s talk about what’s really important. Does it even matter? Not as much as you think.

-Women don’t care much about the size

A study conducted on 500,000 couples showed that 85% of the women were satisfied with their partner’s size. Only 55% of the men, however, were satisfied with their own sizes.

-Erectile function is what’s important

Size has nothing to do with orgasms and pleasure; it’s the erectile function that plays a more major role in satisfaction, for both men and women.

-Size is only important for vaginal orgasm

The only women who would want an “above average” size are those who prefer deeper vaginal stimulation. Vaginal orgasm is extremely rare. The majority of women reach orgasm clitorally.


All that being said, size doesn’t really matter. Even if you’re below average, it has nothing to do with your performance. So remember, it’s not the size of the boat; it’s the motion of the ocean.