Egyptian Bakeries

Sometimes, you wake up with an odd craving for a nice, warm pretzel or a specific croissant. We know we have! Here’s the thing, though, we rarely if ever manage to name one good bakery off the top of our heads and all our searching leads us to top-notch yet extremely remote bakeries.

All our searching, though, seems to completely skip many bakeries that are as great as they are underrated. But we’re making sure we don’t do so in this list!

Miette French Bakery

They say no one can bake like the French and just in case you’re looking for a verdict, they’re right. And there’s no greater testament to French bakeries in Egypt than Miette!

Location: Zamalek, Maadi.

Latif Wassily

A West El-Balad staple that has been forgotten for some time, Latif Wassily is one of the oldest bakeries and patisseries around. Quaint, cozy, and full of nostalgia and the good old days, this bakery is a time machine in everything but name.

via Alaa Mohsen

Location: Attaba, West El-Balad

Flamenco Postres German Bakery

Hidden in plain sight, Flamenco Postres German Bakery possesses a special ability — leading you through its doors by the sheer force of fresh pretzel smell. Trust us, that’s one bakery you won’t regret investing in.

Location: Zamalek


Yes, we go there for kahk and other goodies but that doesn’t mean El-Abd doesn’t have a wide range of baked goods that are simply to die for. Feel free to check them out in the free hours.

Location: literally everywhere


This cozy little bakery has it all, from locations to menu selections to the homey, loving vibe. Be sure to check it out in the future because you won’t regret it!

Location: Zamalek, Mohandessin, Sheikh Zayed

Did we miss any hidden gems?