Ramadan Series

Every Ramadan has like a million series options. And we usually get lost at the beginning of the month but quickly get the hang of it and end up with a maximum of three on our daily watch list for the season.

Which is why there are always some really good ones that we miss in the middle of all the hassle.

In order to save you some time and spare you all the searching; here are the top underrated series that were overlooked in Ramadan 2019:

1- Zodiac

A little horror won’t hurt nobody!

Ramadan Series

Although some people already praised it on social media, still not many were aware of this series.

Based on Ahmed Khaled Tawfik’s novel with the same name; the horrific and suspense-packed events will grab you from the very first episode.

On top of that, the young and brilliant cast will draw you in even more!

2- El-Kateb

Being a Netflix series made this one disappear in the highly competitive season. The fact that it’s also not Egyptian-based contributed to that.

Ramadan Series

However, the dark and mysterious tale of the professor who got involved in the murder of one of his students will take you to another world!

Bonus: You’ll get to watch Bassel Khaiat’s amazing acting skills!

3- 7adouta Morra

This series is overall great. Especially if you’re in the mood to cry and be intrigued all at the same time!

Ramadan Series

Because Ghada Abdel-Razek rarely ever fails us with her Ramadan series, this one actually lives up to the ones we always loved from her.

So, get ready for the severe and dramatic events and plot twists!

4- Amar Hady

Drama? Check.
Suspense? Check.
Mystery? Check check check.

Ramadan Series

Hani Salama is finally back to the Ramadan race; and this time, he plays a very confusing character who basically changes every day with the reappearance of the moon.

People noticed this one at the beginning, but it quickly died down with all the fuss. Don’t miss the chance to join the journey!

5- Hekayti

What’s better than a romantic tale full of action and suspense?

While some would argue it wasn’t the best, others on social media have confirmed they basically watched nothing else.

Ramadan Series

And from here, we can tell you that “Hekayti” is actually one of the very few series where you would click on the first episode and never want to stop watching until you know how it all ends; and we’re pretty sure you don’t want to miss that!

And there you have it!
Between Zay El-Shams’ mysterious atmosphere and Kalabsh’s action packed events, you should give those a try and tell us what you think!