Mother's Day

Undoubtedly, Mother’s Day is one of our favorite holidays of the year. It is a day where we get to give back to our mothers for everything they do for us. This year, we want to spice up the tradition by finding new and special things to give our mothers. Here are some gift ideas to help you out:

Turath Silver Plated Tea Tray


This is a hexagon silver-plated tea tray engraved with “بالهنا و الشفاء بالصحة و العافية”. The tray comes with six beautiful tea glasses, and silver-plated copper bracelets that can be used as napkin rings. The Turath tray is found on for 1,200 EGP.

Karl Lagerfeld EDP 3 Piece


Also available on, The Karl Lagerfeld 3 piece set is available for 1,099 EGP at a 24% sale. The mesmerizing EDP contains an Eau de Parfum and 2 tubes of same scented body lotion.

 Azza Fahmy Earrings

Wrapped in thoughtfulness and tied with love, Azza Fahmy provides us with a  selection of personal gifts for our beloved and elegant mothers.


Nefertari Lavender Package


Every mother out there deserves to pamper herself every now and then. Who said you can’t get her gift from this 100% natural handmade Egyptian body care haven; Nefertari. Let our mothers indulge in their special lavender scented gifts.


Royal Necklace


Similar to the Queen of My Heart Ring designs, the Royal Necklace is also gold-plated silver, and costs 2,000 EGP. It is found on both the and Truly a personal and stylish gift for mom!

Copper Mirror Manzzeli offers a collection of gorgeous – and affordable – 58 cm diameter, copper mirrors for only 269 EGP.


Jude Ben Halim x Box of Roses


Getting one gift for your mother might never seem enough since we all think our mothers deserve the world! This year, you can actually get her both jewelry and flowers. When ordering anything from Jude Ben Halim, you get an addition of Box of Roses with your order to surprise your mother.


Duvet Cover For Your Grandmother


And of course, for our beautiful grandmothers whom we love the most, a patchwork check duvet cover from Zara Home starting from 1,499 EGP.


Body Bakes Pinacolada Set

To shower mom with a fruity and colorful gift, visit for the Pinacolada Body Bakes Set. The basket contains Lip Balm, Sugar Frost, Soap Syrup, and Milky Makeup Remover, all for 280 EGP.

Fauchon Jam and Biscuits


For a delicious gift, Fauchon offers a Mother’s Day box full of their special gourmet jam as well as biscuits. The gift box is found in Fouchon branches for 869 EGP.

Treat Mum to a Relaxing Day..


Treat your mother to a relaxing day at Manuela Thai Spa and exploit its wonderful Mother’s Day offers. Try out the Pamper Up Package (Healing Massage + Mini Scrub) for 980 EGP or the Stress Away Package (Spiritual Massage + Thai Facial) for 1020 EGP.

We want to present Set El Habayeb with a unique Mother’s Day gift that she will cherish forever.