Looking into the field of advertising, it’s important to note not only how culture affects ads but how ads can also affect culture. Below are some examples of why the Egyptian advertising industry may not be doing such a great job:

1- Food For Stay-at-home Moms

Why do we always advertise any food that requires cooking to stay-at-home moms? If we still have men who can’t boil some pasta or fry some chicken in the 21st century, then something is seriously wrong! Food is for everyone people, and women aren’t always the ones who prepare it.

10359148_1697063297211603_250448001994661018_n 2- Extra Manly Everything

Because it isn’t enough that everything else propagates gender stereotypes, advertising has to do it too! Birell is the most obvious example of that and even though they’ve recently added a post on Facebook encouraging men to help around the house, years of blatant sexism is not that easily forgiven! You can’t just go from making fun of men who don’t follow your version of masculinity to feminists overnight and expect us not to bat an eye.


3- Shows and Movies

On my ride to work, I like passing the time by looking at the advertising billboards. It’s not as fun though when they’re all just faces of celebrities with the name of their series stuck on top. Honestly, what compels me to watch these mysterious shows when your ads tell me nothing about them? Celebrity culture in Egypt has turned the television industry into a fight over big names instead of interesting stories.


4- We’re Better Than Them!

The classic! The fact is, as advertisers you do want to stand out from your competition, but to blatantly say that you’re better than them in an ad isn’t really doing the trick. Especially when they turn around and do the same. And honestly, this blurred packaging isn’t fooling anyone!


Whether we like it or not, the media has a responsibility to the general public because of how impactful it is. Advertising should take that seriously and make sure to send positive messages while selling their products!