Underrated Weekend Spots

Now that you have some time off (or you’re about to have some time off), you should use it for something other than binging TV shows. That can wait, adventure can’t. And what better way to have an easy adventure than trying any of these spots?

Wadi Degla

Wadi Degla may have been talked about before, but it remains one of the top Cairo-based spots for stargazing. Make the most of the atmosphere and the time and visit.

Location: Ma’adi.

Rokn Farouk Museum

This museum is something of an unassuming spot, but visiting it is worth the while.

Much like a lot of museums in Egypt, Rokn Farouk belonged to royalty, since it was, well, a cozy spot in Helwan set up for King Farouk to enjoy his time off. If it was good enough for him, it will enjoyable for you.

Location: Nile Corniche, Helwan.

The Dahshour Pyramids

“When in Egypt, visit the Pyramids” is a saying most tourists are familiar with. We’re not tourists, however, and we know Egypt has more pyramids to offer than the ones in Giza.

The Dahshour Pyramids are another way to go, if you’re willing to go for the unconventional pyramid route.

Locaton: Dahshour, El-Badrashin.

Desert Breath

Built by a group of Greek artists, Desert Breath in Hurghada was created with the intention of exploring infinity and the landscape of the mind. It’s safe to say that the artists achieved their goal because that desert is just mesmerizing.

Location: Hurghada.

St. Simon’s Cave Church

Located in Mokkatam, St. Simon’s Cave Church is a fascinating phenomenon that mixes nature and architecture. The trek to the church might take up some effort, but according to all visitors it’s worth the climb.

Location: Garbage City, Mokkatam.

Serapium Forest

You might think that Egypt has a shortage of forests, but we actually have one only a couple of hours away in Ismailia.

The Serpaium Forest was originally a dry desert that was forested in a joint effort between German and Egyptian scientists to use Egypt’s abundant sunlight to plant trees.

Location: Ismailia.

Tunis Village

While everyone else uses the weekend to escape to Sinai and elsewhere, why don’t you use it to visit Fayoum. Yes, you read it correctly.

A little getaway that must be visited at least once, Tunis Village in Fayoum is still underrated despite having been spoken about more in the past couple of years.

While visiting, you can visit other Fayoum hot-spots like Wadi El-Rayan and Lake Qarun.

Location: Fayoum.

There are more spots to check out of course, but for adventure purposes, these are the best so far.