Must-Do Summer Things

Every summer we get into the same age-old open-ended question. Just what can we do this season and how can we seize our moments? With current global events, this question is naturally even more highlighted in this particular summer.

And you know what? For the first time in a very long time, you won’t have to worry about this. See, we’ve got you covered with this list of the top 5 things you should (and can) do this summer!

Open-air cinema

In all honesty, this is the ideal activity for the times. We’ve heard about certain malls announcing drive-in cinemas, but even if the wait gets too long, you can still make this activity come to life.

Just buy a projector and a screen (even a bed-sheet will do if you’re on a sudden-DYI mood) and set everything up and you’ll have your very own mini-cinema. And once you invite everyone along, it’ll be even better!

Karaoke contests

What’s better than a karaoke party, if not possibly an outdoorsy karaoke party? It’ll honestly liven up the mood and it will start the much-missed summery party vibes we’ve all been dying to have back in our lives.

You won’t even need much to accomplish this. Only a karaoke machine and/or some instrumental versions of your favorite musical hits.

Beach bonfires

How great would it be to do the ultimate camping throwback by starting a bonfire, though? Think about it. All you have to do is choose a setting, preferably a beach to be surrounded by all those ocean breezes.

With this open-air setting, you could gather up all your friends and still be safe. Just follow some of the guidelines to bonfire-starting and you’re in the clear. And by the way, let us just tell you this — all your social media stories will be lit.


We don’t know if you’re fully on board on this one but there’s arguably nothing better than a summer road-trip. Actually, at this point, it should be pretty much a necessity.

Honestly, we’re not even exaggerating. You need to let loose, make your perfect playlist as well as pack your snacks, so you and your friend-group could wild out on the road!

Host a barbecue

Once the seasons switch and spring starts, it’s barbecue season for the rest of the year, isn’t it? Well, that’s for good reason. It’s one big activity with a satisfying result that we all know too well.

And since we didn’t get the chance to have the perfect Easter barbecue, then we need to make up for that with a stellar summer fest!

The sun’s up and we better seize our moments the right way!