It’s true that the only thing that makes us single girls stand out from calendars is the fact that calendars have dates, but that doesn’t necessarily have to be it, right? We no longer have to gather around our beautiful bride friend in weddings so that she can literally throw her bouquet at us. Our worth is not solely valued by dating and marrying. You feel me, right? Well, if you do, then you are bound to like the following resolutions too! Below are the 7 resolutions that every single girl should make:

1. You will focus on finding yourself before finding your other half

For some reason, everyone is obsessed with finding their other half when in fact if you stop and think about, you would find that we don’t even know who we are to look for someone else. Which is why, this year, we should start focusing on ourselves, not on others. Go out you young beautiful girls, and find something that you love doing, and do it. Focus on being happy, because love will eventually come around, but happiness is now!

2. You will open your mind for new possibilities

We’ve established that you should focus on finding yourself and loving yourself, but at some point, you will find that you have already done that which is why you should keep both your heart and mind open for new possibilities. Don’t limit yourself to the same people and to the same routine. Get out there and start experiencing real life; who knows what could happen to you. You could meet your dream man or even better find a career path that finally fits the image you always had in your mind.

3. Stop being afraid to go out alone

One thing most single girls constantly complain of is that they can’t try out new places or restaurants alone. They feel like it makes them seem pitiful or sad, which is why you should put this resolution at the top of your list. It’s time you go out and do things alone! Take that hiking trip you’ve been dying to go on. You don’t need a man by your side. You’re a strong independent woman and you can do anything!

4.  Cross something off your bucket list

Want to go on a Euro trip with your girls? What’s stopping you? This year is the year for you. Call up your girl friends and start saving up now. Money will come and go, but you’ll only be young and happy once!

5. Make new friends

Having a support system that has stuck by you for years is seriously awesome and I get why you never felt the need to get out there and meet new people, but it’s time to understand that making new friend won’t make you lose your already existing ones, instead it will help you grow! I bet you’ve grown very comfortable around your friends that nothing is uncomfortable for you anymore. Make new friends, because it will literally make you feel like everyday is an adventure. It will boost your mood and lift your spirit up this year like you can never imagine.

6. Stop allowing people to bring you down

Stop looking for validation from others. You are beautiful just the way you are. You don’t need to be slimmer, taller or nicer. Your career path is great as long as you are comfortable with it. People have a lot of expectations when it comes down to judging others, so it’s about time you stop giving them the power to bring your spirit down. Remember, you’re doing great!

7. Evolve beyond your past

How long have you been hung up on your past discretion? What’s done is done. So what if you dated the wrong guy? So what if he broke your heart? What’s done is done and it made you stronger. In fact, it made you a fighter. Just because you accepted that kind of treatment in the past, doesn’t mean that it should define you. It doesn’t and it shouldn’t. Move on and leave the past where it’s supposed to be.

We hope this article helped you set new goals for the new year! If you feel like you have another resolution that we should’ve added, feel free to write us a comment below!