V-Day Your Way Treat Yourself

The calendar is set for everyone’s favorite holiday: Valentine’s Day! There’s just one issue, though. While we’re all busy celebrating and planning trips and reservations for two, we forget the one who really matters. Our very self.

Don’t worry, though, there’s still more than enough to recuperate. The only thing we should keep in mind, though, is how to recuperate. We’ll take a page out of Parks and Recreation to tell you just how you can treat yourself this V-Day!

Buy yourself some nice gifts

Valentine’s Day isn’t just the best time to gift-shop for your partner if you’re celebrating, it’s also the perfect time to look for gifts for yourself too. Go out for yourself, don’t be shy.

You can treat yourself to aromatherapy kits that will easily bring you new meanings to the word “relaxation”; growth serums for lashes, facial kits, self-heating eye-masks, or just a book you’ve been dying to get but postponing it.

Of course, you can also go the old-fashioned way and clothes-shop till you drop!

Take a classic spa day

There’s a reason most people refer to spas when they mention self-care and fun relaxation methods. It’s because it works like a charm every time.

For this Valentine’s Day, consider booking yourself some time at the spa and get the full treatment. As you let go of your tension, both physical and otherwise, you will face the rest of the day in a rejuvenated mood that you truly deserve.

Go to some nice museum

When Valentine’s Day rolls around the corner, you will know it sheerly because of how difficult it will be to book dinner reservations at any trendy or romantic restaurant. So, what you can do here is forego the restaurants and go to a museum!

Going somewhere stimulating and refreshing is always great but if it’s on Valentine’s Day, it will be even better because they won’t be as crowded and you will get to cover every part of the museum.

Try some yoga

If you’re not up to going out and about, stay in and look for yoga workouts online. Working out, especially in the form of yoga, is extremely beneficial to both your mental and physical states.

Physically speaking, yoga improves your flexibility, energy levels, and circulatory system health. As for the mental health aspect, yoga relieves your stress, strain, sharpens your attention, and increases concentration.

Practice your hobbies

One of the best ways to utilize your free time and at the same time have some fun is to practice your hobbies. If you’re an artist, take the time to work on one of your forgotten works. If you like to read, pick up that book you were halfway through and finish it.

Taking this time to go back to all the fun things you love doing will leave you with a sense of accomplishment and instant gratification, which you won’t get enough of.

Binge-watch your favorite TV shows and order in

Of course, you can always take the classic “treating yourself” route and binge-watch your favorite sitcoms and series, alone or with your significant other to set the tone for a romantic night in.

You have a full list too, from all ten seasons of Friends to How I Met Your Mother to all the other amazing shows. With all this great material, you should take your pampering further and order in from your favorite restaurant.

You can go all out and cook an elaborate meal

Sometimes, cooking is a very therapeutic way of catering to yourself. Sure, it may require more planning and effort than other activities but the end result is a lot better, considering it’s the fruit of your own labor done just the way you like it.

We already said it. It’s time you treated yourself!