Get rid of it!

It is that time of the year again. Streets will be filled with red balloons, gifts, flowers and even outfits that will blind anyone for days. Maybe it is a plot to kill single people softly and remind them that they are no body unless they are with somebody. This can all be very stressful especially for girls but guess what? It is just one day and it will pass! Keep your attitude positive and rethink the following till you rid yourself of V day stress.

* It is merely a “Hallmark Holiday” that was created for the purpose of selling all those fluffy, cheesy items that no one would buy on any normal occasion. If you’re single that means you are saving up. Go get yourself a pair of extravagant shoes instead, they will last longer.

* No need to link it to just one person, it’s a love fest and if you think for a minute you will find that you are surrounded by love and THAT is reason to celebrate. Take your closest out for a nice dinner!

* You are the ONLY single person in your group of friends? Don’t pity yourself. You have more time to explore who you are and what kind of person you want to be with. That will guarantee a long lasting relationship!

* If you are in a relationship and the pressure is too stressful, relax! Don’t think of what you’re supposed to do or get or how it should be over-the-top. Make it thoughtful; the more intimate, the more memorable it will be.

If all else fails, whether you are single or in a relationship, a big dose of chocolate and comfort food will do the trick (of knocking you unconscious, with love of course.)