Taking care of pets is a massive responsibility, but how can that matter when they’re just so freaking cute? Anyone with pets is very sentimental when it comes to their furry friends, and even more relentless when it comes to their care. What if pet care can be as easy as checking your phone? That’s what Vetcode is doing.

Purpose of The App

Vetcode was developed to make it easier for all pet owners to take care of their pets, rather than quit on them. For those who simply let go of their pets and let them die on the streets rather than be a helping hand.


Using the App

With Vetcode you can easily create a profile for whatever pet you own. If it is finding them a mate, a vet, a pet store or another home, this app is your guy.

It’s a simpler way to find a mate for your pet instead of leaving them with a friend of a friend of a friend and being worried about their safety. It’s safer than leaving your pet at an unreliable vet’s clinic where you can’t be entirely sure whether they’ll be back or not. Or when you decide to let go of them, for whatever reason, you could easily find them a new loving home rather than just setting them free on the streets where they’ll be tortured and hurt.

Navigation within the app is extensively easy. You could easily find buttons labeled, “Pets”, “Pet Shop”, “Lost and Found”, and “Academy”. In Pets, you add your pet’s details to help the app navigate accordingly. As for Pet Shop and Lost and Found, you are able to adopt, sell, mate your pet, find it if you’ve lost it, or help someone find theirs. In Academy, you are given options to train your pet whatever kind of training you need.

Using the app is easier than actually checking all those Facebook groups or even Google. It’s a definite way to properly take care of your pet and give them everything they need.

Download the app and see for yourself!