As much as we were loved, and love our parents, we (the 80’s and 90’s Egyptian kids) were their victims!! Read below and you’ll definitely relate !

1-Those shoes that made squeeky sounds and flashed luminous lights!! And let alone their fashion sense (but let us not be cruel it was “The TREND” back then !! 


2-They made us sing and act in public!! “2oom ya 7abeeby sama3 uncle we tant el oghneya el helwa el betghaneeha”.. Even if the kid is okay with it.. why torture other people with our performance?!?


3-Pampers and potty pics. were seriously humiliating!! What is so intriguing about pooping anyway?!! Come on, we prefer to do that in private!!

potty pic

4-They used to soak us in sunblock!! (some of us were lucky enough to have parents who never missed a spot, others ended up with multi-coloured skin)

sun block

5-Duck Floater-a.k.a- “3awamet el batta”

Duck floater

6-When they wanted to get even with someone, they made YOU do it. “Tef 3ala 3amo ya 7abeeby”

tef 3ala 3amo ya habibi

7-Bangs for EVERYONE !!Bangs for Boys -a.k.a- “7al2et el Kaboria” and for girls too (it was seriously blinding!!)

7al2et el kaboriabangs for girls

8-The very very tight ponytails, why was it so tight? La2 bgd, we used to have headaches all day; we couldn’t frown, smile, or anything cause it was SO DAMN TIGHT !! Was it the tighter the better ??Walahi mesh hayfok!

tight hair

9-Sometimes they tested their hair styling skills on us !!

Chizus mom cutting Tys hair

10-The weird threats!! Maghasalteesh senanek?? “el shamama hateegy teshemek” … “we law makhalasteesh aklek omena el ghoula hategry waraki“……Seriously???


11-Calling things weird names like “koko” for chicken, “wawa” for wound, and “namy nenna hoo” for sleep!


They still torture us until today when they decide to show our partners or friends those embarrassing pictures !! Like it wasn’t enough!!


  • Fatima Humanist

    The best part of the tight pony tail : I always felt the same because of my cleaning – elegant obsessed mom, especially whenever I had a shower I felt my mom was cleaning a carpet instead not a little tiny like I was

  • Mayar Attawiya

    Woooow, I’m a 90s kid and I must say you’re kinda pushing it there
    It wasn’t THAT bad

  • Maram Ayman

    Yesssss that damn ponytail that gave me two bald circles on my forehead 🙁 … yalla rabena yesam7ek ya ommy!