Streaming online concerts and live events have been the gateway for bands and brands into music, especially after the country has been adjusting to the new reality of life under self-quarantine in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic. Consequently, Vodafone Egypt decided to take the show online and share some musical joy with its customers during these trying times, by collaborating with Cairokee!

Believing in its role in keeping the public arts alive while public life is on lockdown, the #1 telecom operator has decided to bring entertainment to people’s homes through a one of a kind exclusive virtual concert with the one and only Cairokee. This was a part of the Stay Home… Stay Connected campaign in which Vodafone has succeeded in adding the entertainment element to help people staying at home overcome the constant boredom, especially on weekends.

What could be more intimate than your favorite band in the comfort of their own studio performing their songs?

Cairokee announced their live concert on their owned-social media platforms, and they invited all their fans to join them, stressing on the importance of how music is going to connect us in this unconnected time. Myriads of people tuned into this unique home concert experience causing viewership to skyrocket, reaching more than 500K in an hour!

Cairokee also gave their fans the chance to choose their favorite songs, leaving them amazed and entertained. Numerous social media posts captured the viewers’ much needed happiness and excitement that Vodafone has managed to instill inside their homes. This experience hailed a success, leaving the fans excited and interesting about what is coming next, remember, “The Future is Exciting…Ready?”

It is also worth mentioning that Vodafone Group has also kept people around the world entertained and connected, as the company has announced joining forces with international advocacy organization Global Citizen by sponsoring “One World: Together at Home” virtual concert which was aired yesterday, celebrating and supporting brave healthcare workers doing life-saving work on the frontlines.