W Ne7eb Tany Leih

If you’ve been following Yasmine Abdelaziz’s saga as Ghalia in W Ne7eb Tany Leih, you’ve probably heard about the recent developments. The man everyone thought was going to be her perfect second chance at love revealed his true colors. And, well, he’s kind of a jerk.

the big fight

See, after little incidents and pinkish-red flags, Murad (Karim Fahmy) quite literally gave Ghalia an ultimatum. It was either him or the film whose crew she was a part of. Why? Because one of the crew-members hit on her and he happened to see it.

Yeah, we know. Yikes. And that doesn’t even cover it because even though she chooses her job, he keeps pestering her and trying to get her to do what he wants her to do because obviously no one else is right.

All in all, that’s one person with issues they need to work through. And, all in all, it’s the perfect representation of the problem with “Modern Egyptian Men”.

Okay, so before you sharpen your pitchforks, allow us to explain. Everything about Murad riddled everyone watching at home with anxiety and you’ll know why.

He came into Ghalia’s life after she went through a pretty bad divorce and presented himself as the person who will solely make up for her jinxed love-life luck. He told her over and over again all he wanted was to make her happy.

So did that happen? Well, for a period of time, it did. Murad spent all his time, energy, and yacht-power to impress Ghalia and it worked as he relentlessly pursued her.

Then, of course, the little things started happening when Ghalia got a work-trip for her movie and Murad, already acting generous about ‘allowing’ her to work with her ex, wasn’t on board. And when he discovered that not only was she travelling with an ex, but also with another coworker who was interested in her, well, he went ballistic and told her to quit the movie.

Obviously, you can see the double-standards. Murad himself works with an ex-fiancée and a coworker who’s interested in him but he doesn’t see that as a problem for himself. And we doubt that if Ghalia told him to stop interacting with those coworkers, he would have listened.

Seeing this, you can perfectly understand why a considerable portion of Egyptian women and girls watching the show somehow just knew that Murad had another side to him. They predicted the ultimate prank.

And the thing is, the female audience could clearly see it coming because, well, we’ve all seen and experienced this disappointment one too many times.

This is the problem with ‘Modern Egyptian Men’ — pretending to be understanding and supportive until they reveal they’re not and when that dark side is revealed, guess what? It’s called ‘overprotective’ and ‘healthy jealousy’.

So, right about now, you’ll want to say we’re exaggerating (or projecting, as if this doesn’t happen in real life) because we don’t know Murad all that perfectly. You may want to say he’s “got a lot to offer” and that the “good outweighs the bad”, but let us ask you a question here:

How often are women trapped in neglectful and/or abusive relationships just because they’re told to give the men in their lives a chance after a few red flags? It’s better to be safe than sorry.

And honestly, if Murad’s story is played as a cautionary tale about how even the most perfect men can still be deeply controlling then this will be a win we’ll never see coming. Sadly, we know they’ll be getting back together in the end.

The “good men on Ramadan dramas” tally is now back to zero.