Wadi Degla

Egyptians have excelled in a number of disciplines lately and one of these disciplines is sports. Aside from breaking multiple records in many sports, Egyptians have certainly made squash their own area of expertise.

Wadi Degla Clubs team was keen on bringing one of the biggest squash tournaments for the first time in Cairo; the CIB PSA Tournament. The Tournament was brought to Cairo after being held in Dubai for three consecutive years.

The tournament brought the world’s top 8 players in both male and female categories to compete for a total prize of 325000$. The tournament saw a series of heated matches held in a court made specifically for this event at the park in Mall of Arabia.

Wadi Degla

It is certainly no secret that Egyptians now dominate the game in both categories; as we have developed champions since 1930. The current world number one players in both categories are Ali Farag and Raneem El Welili, who are both Wadi Degla players.

The two champions have benefited from the huge amount of support that the club offers them and from Karim Darwish, former world number one and the leading force of squash in Wadi Degla Clubs.

The seats were packed by true squash fans from day one who attended the fierce competition. They were rewarded with very entertaining and competitive matches. They saw El Welili win another competition after beating French player and world number three Camille Serme to round-up a great season with 6 trophies; equaling Farag’s trophies for the same season.

Darwish was definitely radiating with happiness and pride being part of Wadi Degla’s organizing team and a patron of Wadi Degla’s Champions. However, he was mostly amazed by the club’s ability to put together such an event on this level in 40 days solely. “Everyone showed a huge amount of support to make sure the success of this tournament.”

Darwish added with a contagious smile “concluding the season with Wadi Degla’s champions on top is both exhilarating and rewarding. Furthermore, we look forward to more success while collaborating with the PSA and the Egyptian Squash association. This was to make sure that Egypt remains the dominant power in this sport.”