Wadi Degla

*This is a sponsored article

Wadi Degla Clubs have become one of the leading private entities in Egypt promoting and enhancing young talents, nurturing them to become established champions that can represent Egypt in different sports worldwide. Therefore, Wadi Degla has undoubtedly become the ‘Community of Champions’ and number one destination for talents.

Most recently, Wadi Degla Clubs have been dedicating massive efforts and investments to the promotion of individual sports that have long been in the shadows of more popular sports such as football.

We have witnessed Egypt rising far above all other nations in squash, thanks to Egyptian stars that have managed to top the world rankings, most of which are Wadi Degla players, and the fruitful outcome of Wadi Degla’s esteemed Squash Academy.

Now, Wadi Degla Clubs have taken the responsibility and initiative to lead another successful path with the rising Egyptian tennis stars.

In collaboration with the world biggest providers of tennis coaching education and training programs: Inspire2Coach, led by veteran coach Mark Tennant of 25 years’ experience in tennis centers and clubs across the UK, Wadi Degla Clubs aim at changing the face of the tennis sport in Egypt, and creating new generations of tennis champions.

The new partnership envisions offering a comprehensive program that comprises both advanced educational courses for local tennis coaches, training for junior tennis players, as well as a “Start to Finish” service, aimed at achieving the maximum utilization of Wadi Degla’s tennis courts and facilities.

Additionally, the program offers Wadi Degla players and coaches the chance to participate in international exchange programs including training camps and tournaments in the UK among many other countries, which in turn enhances interaction with international players and learning other coaching concepts and standards.

This program has a bigger promising vision for Wadi Degla to present a new generation of talented champions that are to become the world’s top 100 seeded players by 2030.