You want to have a walk in a street “For Pedestrians Only”?

You have a couple of foreign friends and you want to take them out?

You want to buy unique jewelries or distinctive home accessories?

Are you eager to attend a music concert?

If your answer is yes to one or more of those questions, then Kan El Khalil and El Moez Street are your ultimate destinations!


Living in Cairo might be stressful in many ways; however you are surrounded with several touristic and historical spots. One of the most interesting touristic spots in Cairo are Kan El Kalili and El Moez street- which are located  in El Hussein neighborhood at the center of old Fatimid Cairo, approximately 20 min away from El Tahrir square. Khan el Kalili and el Moez Street, are more than just historical places. Here are seven activities you can only do at this breathtaking historical place.

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  • You will taste the most delicious Egyptian food, like “Molokheya, Kabab, Kofta and Fata”. If you are fond of pigeons, you can visit the famous “Farahat” restaurant; where you can enjoy an unforgettable tasty experience.
  • If you want to drink a cup of tea “Fel 7’amsena”, you cannot miss visiting “Kahwat El Fishawi”, one of the oldest cafes in the neighborhood. It is a busy café located near El Hussein mosque, where you can enjoy drinking the traditional Egyptian drinks like “Sa7lab and  Homose El sham”. You’ll find music performances around the place too!

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  • Visit the Islamic monuments and contemplate the architecture of the Mamluks era at El Moez street. One of the oldest mosque you can visit is “El Hakim-bi Amr Allah mosque, built one thousand years ago.
  • Towards the end of El Moez you will find “Qobatel Ghouri”, where music concerts are held. The place also holds music festivals with international bands.

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  • By talking a walk in Khan el Kalili, you will find endless shops displaying their products. Silver Egyptian ornaments, colorful shawls, jewelries,  handmade leather bags, home accessories, lighting units made from stained glass, souvenirs, and more are  found at this busy longitudinal souk.
  • You will see the real streets that the famous Egyptian writer, and Nobel prize winner, Naguib Mahfouz, mentioned in his stories- like “Ben El Kasren, Kasr El Sho2, El Darb El Asfar. N.B- Naguib Mahfouz has been born in El Gamalyia neighborhood, which is located nearby el Moez street.


  • Finally if you want to spice up your day, stop by the spice shops. They’re the best!