Do-It-Yourself-ing can be a huge hassle, but when you finally get it right, it feels oh so good! Using a little bit of elbow grease to decorate a sparse wall can result in some amazing outcomes. Since DIY is all about the “yourself” part, you can tailor anything to your own preferences, making for some spectacular results. ย Check out these videos of some awesome DIYs we’ve scoured off YouTube.


Galaxy Diamond Canvas

Some tape and a little paint can go a long, long way.



Butterfly Wall Decals

For those of us who still swoon over Serena Van Der Woodsen’s gorgeous room.



Crayon Art

You’ve seen this all over Pinterest, and now you know how you can DIY. For a fun twist, go for shades of the same colour.



Painters Tape Canvas Art

Despite the fact that it’ll cost all about 100 LE, it looks chic and expensive.



Quote Canvas

Best part is that you can customise it to anything your heart desires!



Glitter Canvas Art

For those who like having a little sparkle in their life.



DIY Cork Memo Board

If you’re one for the bulletin board look, but don’t necessarily have space for one, this DIY tutorial might be your calling grace!


Go forth little one, and spruce the hell out of your wall.