We all remember jamming to Wama when boy bands were all we could fangirl about. Back then, we didn’t need to fangirl over N’Sync and The Backstreet Boys, we had Wama.

Involving Ahmed Fahmy, the now renowned actor, Ahmed El Shamy, Mohamed Nour and Nader Hamdy, a member and a composer of the group, Wama has been an icon in the Egyptian music industry since 2002. Not to mention, that every girl in Egypt had a poster of them hung up in her room. Although they disappeared for the longest time, they are still one of our favorites!

Wama Returns

It’s been long since they gave us the music we love. However, as of next summer, they’ll be back. Just yesterday, we found out that they have renewed their record contract with producer Yasser Khalil with a plan to release 3 new albums as of 2019.

We are not the only ones excited about this return, we can tell you that. Nader Hamdy has also released a statement about his excitement saying “Alhamdullillah, we will return with strength, insha’allah, with the best management of business”.

Best of luck for the band and we can’t wait for their music to come back in our lives!