When Concrete launched their celebrity campaign, their selection of successful though young celebrities had a great impact and a positive influence on the young generation. From accomplished actors Asser Yassin and Ahmed Hatem, the entrepreneur and athlete Aly Mazhar to the skillful squash player Ramy Ashour, the campaign was the talk of town for months.

Watching men from different ages, different occupations and styles keen and enraptured to be one of Concrete Iconic Men was the foundation and the key reason behind Concrete debuting their new loyalty program, Icons Club.

Becoming a member of the Icons Club is synonymous to being a part of the society that lives and dresses up the way iconic men do. Your membership opens the doors to an endless world of rewards and benefits for you. From personal tailoring, bonus discounts and luxurious treatment; the sky is the limit when it comes to rewards because that’s their definition of leading an iconic life.


There are 3 membership levels: Lifestyle, Prestige and Elite.

Each membership level has its own privileges, benefits and rewards. All you need to do is indulge Concrete in being your daily lifestyle, and your purchases would lead you to be granted one of the memberships.