Who are we kidding? Twitter is the ultimate go-to social media platform these days. Sure, we can meme out our feelings on Facebook and post our heart’s delight out on Instagram but on Twitter, you can do both and much more!

Twitter’s one problem, though, is that, well, not many people know how to crack its code. They simply don’t get it, but here’s the kicker.

If you want to “get” Twitter, just follow these little tips we’ve got for you!

Say things like “ana haseeb dol hena”, “ma3rafoosh bs shaklo tayeb”, “ya gama3a + (anything)”

This one easy step will make sure you crack the lingo. Just make sure to sound ironic all the time and act surprised/too nonchalant when you post a selfie set even though you’re completely aware of what you’re doing.

Engage in Twitter games

Sure, this might be incredibly awkward (especially if no one engages with you) but it starts feeling better the more you try to hack it.

Start with the easy Twitter games, like the “like this and I’ll talk about you with someone” or the “like for a random DM” game. Who knows what might work!

Always assume the worst then immediately aggressively reply-tweet

If you want to skip the fun and games and blend right in with the twitter crowd, all you have to do is find something that’s seemingly innocent (and is, for all intents and purposes, actually innocent) and get seriously upset about it.

Need an example? Follow the one with the people mocking a man at his engagement party because of one little clip where he did not dance all that much.

Start “hot takes” literally no one asked for

Another thing that will make you a bona fide Twitter person is giving some odd, “unpopular” opinions that are actually problematic, not as enlightened as you might think they are, and will get you in a lot of trouble.

Case in point. The viral college tweet.

Optional: act like toxic things aren’t that toxic when they happen to you

Being on Twitter is all about owning your truth and starting debates about things that are actually horrible so this may seem like an odd tip, but you can follow it anyway.

Don’t give us that look, a lot of people are doing it. For example, we all know stalking is wrong but if you get a stalker you might start acting like it’s all cute and romantic — that sort of thing.

This was purely for humor purposes. If you want to ace anything, just do what you want to do.