If you’ve ever wondered about what happens to us and our psyches when we run, you might have thought the standard answer was something about health benefits. Or maybe it was something about the feeling of powerfulness or freedom. However, it’s really much simpler than that. When we run, we want to feel fast and capable.

But what does fast even mean? Does it only stand for speed and the numbers of miles run? What does being fast even get us?

adidas Running decided to ask six-thousand runners worldwide these questions, as well as many others, and discovered that about 66% of runners don’t care a bit about speed. To them, running is simply about personal betterment, confidence and change.

Not willing to simply stop there, adidas came up with an answer set to revolutionize the meaning of the word fast, an answer that loudly declares that it’s actually personal because to adidas, it is. It’s even more than that, too, it’s about the feeling of endless progress that leads to a transformation to a better you.

And adidas’ answer is none other than the new SL20, a shoe that will hail a new running era!

The SL20 are especially crafted both for runners continuing their journey and those who are just picking up their boots. With a new lightweight design and a groundbreaking light-strike mid-sole, the SL20 allows for maximum explosive movements and speed endurance.

This new shoe gives this new transformation-set generation of runners all the incentive and fire-power that they need and helps them achieve their own personal feeling of fast, whatever that may be.

adidas is not just stopping at giving us the SL20, though. It’s inviting everyone—and we mean, everyone—to step up and give fast a new meaning, whether it’s a personal challenge, a goal or a cultural barrier.

This invitation means you will go to adidas’ pop-up activation booth at Cairo Festival City Mall’s Amphitheatre starting on March 5th, with an appearance from Mega F.M. radio host Khaled Eliesh and a choreographed flash mob performance, to March 15th.

At this booth, you can participate in many adidas challenges about speed and the concept of ‘fast’ and get a chance to win discount vouchers and free giveaways!

With adidas, you can finally break the barriers of your concept of ‘fast’.