If school season is everyone’s favorite for any reason, it would be the fact that everyone tends to find an incredible energy to go out and experience life.

Sometimes, you may run out of ideas of where to go, though, and that’s where we come in.

Get Some Food At Some New Spots

Now after a long day of classes–well, if you attend, we don’t judge–you may be a tad hungry. Instead of getting your usual from the shawerma/crepe stand, how about you take the gang somewhere different?

If you’re in Giza, you can try Charlie Chimney Cake, Desouky and Soda, or Wafflicious . In October and Zayed, you can try Toscanini House, Chicken Hell, or Caffe Corsini.

from Toscanini House

That’s not forgetting the other side of Cairo either. When in Abbaseya or Masr El-Gedida, you can try Mood Swing, Abou Heidar, or Tricycle Burger,

In the 5th Settlement, you can try Fat Cow Burger or Doner Konner.

Why Not Sightsee?

Something that we all tend to forget because we’ve all been here for a while is that Cairo is one historical landmark of a city. No, seriously, almost everywhere you pass is somewhere where relics and museums are.

Check out your schedule and the working hours before checking out the historical hangouts.

Some gems that never get old are the Religious Complex, El-Hussein, Ibn Tolon Mosque and the Anderson Gayer Museum, all accessible through the Mar Girgis, Bab El-Sha’reya, and Sayeda Zeinab metro stations.

Light Activities

We all know what school stress with insomnia is like because we’ve all been there, so we understand the need to unwind. And what’s a better way to unwind than do nothing under the guise of doing something?

via Walk Like An Egyptian

If you’re not in the mood for grub or light historical exploration, you might be in the mood for a chill hangout. We suggest renting out a felouka or maybe hitting the PlayStation den with the pals.

When in Doubt, Just Stick To What You Know

Okay, so we know this is the scenario that’s most likely to happen:

You’ll finish up classes, take one look at your friends, then say something along the lines of the following. You know what, maybe the ahwa is not a bad idea for the day.

We won’t blame you because there’s nothing to be blamed for here. Your usual is your usual for a reason and hey, Ramez the Ahwagy always gets your order right.