Effortless Fashion

Nothing beats fashion in terms of self-expression. Colors and style and every little choice you make all go into how the world sees your personality.

Sometimes the only thing you’ll be able to express is tiredness and creative blocks, though. Fashion needs a lot of effort. No one just wakes up looking glamorous.

Until they read this article, of course.

Simple Steps Speak Louder

One thing you’ll always find people saying whenever asked about fashion is that less is more. That’s not necessarily true, but for the sake of our low-key chic vibe, it’s an unbroken guideline

You don’t have to do much here except look back on your choices. Rather than a graphic tee, go for one that’s bare. Rather than stripes, maybe you should try the new-wave patterns.

The difference might not sound starkly present but the power behind it definitely is. It’s kind of like having a lion in the room. It won’t have to speak to show its strength.

Speaking of Steps, Make Sure You Take Them in Style

Everyone (well, not everyone, but most) knows that shoes are the end-all be-all for the typical outfit.

Sometimes you can even have the perfect idea for an outfit but you won’t be able to wear it because you don’t have a pair of shoes that fit. Or you find an ill-fitting pair and feel self-conscious about it the rest of the day.

Now obviously, comfort is important. We’re not going to tell you to wear a mini-torture chamber on your feet. However, we are going to tell you to go for something eye-catching with a killer color.

Earring It Up Will Make All The Difference

The best thing about the late 2010’s is that it made everyone recognize their mistake when they said hoops were now unfashionable.

Sherihan proving that loud earrings are truly timeless

Statement earrings will take away the focus from your outfit and they won’t stop at that. They’ll also elevate it and now, you’ll be earning style points left and right for the simplest accessorizing.

If you’re not the kind of person that wears earrings, this can also apply to necklaces.

Confidence Is The Mother of All Styles

Even if you manage to have the world’s best wardrobe, it might not mean much if you don’t have the edge many lack today. Confidence.

Yes, we know it’s a cliche. Yes, we know you think this is just some filler that doesn’t make sense. This is where we’ll differ, though.

Not all cliches are bad, you know, and even if they were, this one isn’t. You’ll need heaps of confidence because, in the end, that is what being effortless is about.

It’s about that “I look good because I feel good and that’s not going to change” attitude. It’s the kind of energy stars like Lizzo and Demi Lovato are embracing.

At the end of the day, fashion is a concept. You’ll have to learn how to make it yours.