We have all been there. Your partner did something you can’t just ignore and it’s eating you alive and he’s nowhere near apologizing. And instead of addressing it, you bite your tongue and say nothing.

Why? probably because starting a fight feels risky and you donโ€™t want to be the “hard to please girlfriend.” But know that conflicts in relationships are just inevitable. Just as forcing an apology out of someone.

So, here are some tips and tricks to make someone plead guilty, willingly!

Stop calling and texting him. The first step to express your anger is simply by withdrawing from any contact with your partner. If he did something wrong and he’s deliberately ignoring it, he is asking for it!

This is an indirect way of putting your feet down and expressing how you won’t put up with such behavior. If he calls and shows interest in sorting this out, have another talk about it.

Turn him down when he wants to meet you. He will try and act like nothing happened and, this will get him to ask you to meet up. This is a great chance for you to say “no” without providing any excuses.

If he takes this lightly and still expresses no interest in finding out what’s happening with you, just keep on the attitude!

Ignore his calls and texts. If you tried all the above and he’s still playing dumb, escalate things a bit. Stop replying to his casual texts or calls. He needs to know you’re serious and won’t let it go easily.

Dress up and go out with friends. Now, that you’ve done your part and waited for a sincere confrontation that never happened, it’s time to let go. Don’t worry we are not saying “break up” just yet.

BUT you need to have some time for yourself and also show him that if he continues down that road, he might lose you for real. This ought to bring a reaction out of him!

Knowing how to make someone feel guilty requires a great deal of opening up and showing them what theyโ€™ve done.

It might not be easy for you but if you want to remain close to that person, itโ€™s worth teaching them the lesson!

So, swallow your pride and get comfortable with conflicts. In relationships, fighting is necessary and actually, healthy. Instead of pulling every issue under the rug.