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We’re moody people. When it’s winter we wish for summer and when it’s summer, we wish for winter and it’s a never-ending cycle. Right now it’s midsummer but soon it will be winter and we will wish to go back to the North Coast one more time.

That might not be a problem anymore, though.

Why? Inertia is developing a one of a kind beach town that will enable its owners to spend all year at the North Coast.

The All Year-Round Beach Town That Has It All

Inertia is one of the few developers to receive all building and construction legal permits in the North Coast, creating credible and legible destinations to its owners.

Its most recent promising development, Jefaira, is a testament to all of this.

This all year-round beach town is built to be an integrated community in line with Egypt’s 2030 Vision, stretching over 5.5 million square meters, featuring 10 neighbourhoods with spectacular amenities.

10 Design’s Collaboration With Inertia

Jefaira was built on a sustainable master plan developed by the international award-winning practice, 10 Design, specifically designed by renowned architect Paul Rodgers.

This is not 10 Design’s first rodeo in the MENA region, as it has had international projects in Dubai, Doha, and Abu Dhabi. It is, however, its first project in Egypt with Inertia in developing Jefaira.

Consistently minding design issues, 10 Design worked on Jefaira’s master plan elements to make the beach town a unique coastal development.

One of many key elements was, of course, preserving Jefaira’s natural topography, evident through utilizing the undulating landscapes that were made key to organizing neighbourhoods and buildings on site, optimizing the views towards the water.

The abundance of green spaces is another key element for Jefaira.

Its green spine, spread over 140, 000 square meters and strategically located in the heart of the town, provides an ecological, connective backbone for the community.

This brings together various zones and neighbourhoods of the project and links them together to the seafront in the idyllic big picture.

Naturally, Jefaira’s seafront provides visitors and homeowners with a blend of private, energetic Mediterranean vibes, all meticulously designed to complement the natural topography of its coastline.

Jefaira Beach

The seafront’s most exceptional value lies within its five diversified experiential zones, each with its distinct character and land style, all in line for the perfect experience.

That’s not all what Jefaira has in its diversified arsenal, though. There will be 10 distinct neighbourhoods in the beach town, each with its own unique character.

Jefaira’s Neighborhoods

As of today, four neighbourhoods launched: Furl, Seacliff, Quayside, and Cribs.

The Furl Neighbourhood boasts an attractive location at the center of Jefaira’s shoreline, offering a variety of standalone villas, twin houses, chalets, and condos, all fully-furnished with ultimate standards.

The Quayside Neighbourhood consists mainly of villas, twin houses, park chalets, and apartments overlooking the aforementioned lush greenery.

The Cribs Neighbourhood is made up of studios and apartments that overlook the serene architecture and pool areas.

Shortlisted at the World Architecture Festival for its breathtaking homes and designs, The Seacliff Neighbourhood is located on a 220,000 square meter clifftop, boasting one of Jefaira’s most wondrous sea views over the Mediterranean Sea.

It’s sight that truly embraces luxurious modern architecture homes that capture incredible views from every angle.

Jefaira isn’t just an invented fun name of an impressively designed beach town; it’s the given name to the actual area where the project is located–الجفيرة.

The beach town is just within reach; located 100 kilometers away from Marsa Matrouh, 200 kilometers from Alexandria, 300 kilometers from Cairo, and 20 kilometers from Daba’a New Road.

More on Inertia

This leading real estate company dedicates itself to offering distinctive, dynamic projects across Egypt.

As it ventures into diverse geographical locations, like the Mediterranean and the Red Sea, Inertia provides today’s cosmopolitan clients with integrated communities that offer exclusive homes and gratifying lifestyles.

Inertia’s current portfolio includes 10 developments that offer residential properties and fully integrated towns as well as cutting-edge health care and commercial facilities, spanning across Cairo, the Red Sea, and the Mediterranean Sea.

Inertia’s commercial services include Medipoint Sheikh Zayed, Medipoint Mena Plaza, and KOP Offices. Its residential properties include West Hills, Soleya, Joulz and Brix in Cairo, G Cribs in Gouna, and Veranda in Sahl Hasheesh.

Beach lovers, you don’t have to worry about the summer ending now.

Jefaira promises to be an all year-round beach town and intends to keep that promise.