Sometimes you fall in love with someone and they suddenly become your whole world. You find yourself hesitant to confess your love because deep down you know you could be risking losing him/her forever, even as a friend. If you find yourself in a similar situation, you should realize that you are simply deluding yourself in a classic text-book one sided affair.

Here are some signs that you may be in one:

1- You are not a priority

You’re not at the top of his/her priority list. I’m not saying that you should top the list but at least you MUST be one of the top three.

2- You never go out as a couple

They make reservations for a restaurant or a bar but it’s never for 2. It’s always either for 6 or 8. Whenever you decide to hangout, you find yourself surrounded by his/her friends. It’s kind of impossible to have quality “PRIVATE” time with your supposedly one and only.

3- Response to flirting

-Girls are usually like: “Awwwwwwwwwww, that’s so sweet 🙂 or they just give you the killer smile “:)”

-Boys’ reactions are usually more positive, not that they feel reciprocal but only because they don’t want to break her heart.

4- When you’re facing a personal problem

You call up and ask for help or maybe ask them to come over so you guys can solve the issue together. Da el mafroud tab3an.
In fact, the person who first comes to mind is either your bestfriend or may be a very close relative!

5- Whenever you’re serious, they get sarcastic

Imagine if you’re very serious and finally wish to express your feelings;  “You’re so beautiful and I love you” for example.
The response is “Ya wad ya gamed enta! Ma2darsh ana 3ala kol el 7ob da :D”

6- I miss you

When you tell her/him I miss you, she/he replies “ma7na kona lessa f L’aroma men yomen.”

7- Watching out for you

You always check up on him/her to see if they’re arrived home safely or ask what their are plans for the night? Unfortunately, 90% of it is only coming from you.

8- Plans

You are the one who’s always making plans for both of you, making reservations for her/him and the friends! Remember? COMBO!

9- Effort

You always make the effort, go the extra mile, drive more than 30 KMs just to see them while they NEVER  EVER call to check why you’re so late or didn’t even show up at all! Yeegy/teegy wa2t ma yeegy mayy goosh khalis eshta, and sometimes they forget that you made plans together. LOL

10- You are always ready to drop everything when your partner needs you, but they’re not

being in a relationship means sticking by your companion’s side through the good and the bad. The problem is that they don’t always do the same for you.


If you find yourself doing one or more things from the above list, make sure you walk away as fast as you can because you definitely deserve more. This ‘alleged’ relationship is wrong on so many levels!!