You can never tell whether he considers you a very close friend or he actually does have feelings for you? You find the same miserable scenario repeating itself over and over again leaving you stuck in awkward situations, struggling with unanswered questions and wondering what on Earth went wrong? You might even end up losing your friend/crush for that matter.

Most probably, we’ve all been there at least once. After plenty of research, I came up with several warning signs to stop yourself from getting too emotionally involved if you feel some of them.

  • No Physical Contact

If he likes you, it would be impossible for him not to touch you intentionally or NOT. There will always be excuses for him to do so; punch you, remove that small thing stuck in your hair, put his hands on your back or hold your hand when crossing the street ..etc… It’s the attraction force rule that he simply can’t resist.

  • He Never Gets Jealous

It’s men’s nature to become nervous when they feel threatened; that’s what we call jealousy. If he never shows you a glint of jealousy or if there isn’t a bit of drama every now and then, like for eg.when and where you are going out and with whom, why did this guy text you or why did you blush when he gave you a compliment and blablabla…. then that’s a RED FLAG.


TIP: Don’t try testing him by making him jealous because it might backfire.

  • You Always Find Yourself Initiating Everything

Are you the one always suggesting to go watch this movie you wish you’d see together?! Do you find yourself checking up on him, calling, and texting more than he does? You might even initiate flirting too and BTW if he flirts back it doesn’t count anymore!

  • He Brings Up Other Girls That He’s Interested In

Every now and then there’s this girl who shows up in your conversations and he makes it quite clear that he likes her. Of course, you’ll start telling yourself that he’s only testing your jealousy. Well, that might be the case. He might actually go the extra mile and make it clearer to you that he likes you. DON’T BE THE VICTIM OF MISREAD SIGNALS !!! foo2y ba2a !!

talking about exes

  • He’s Always..Always..Always Busy

Talking about the extra mile that he never actually strives to take, he also never makes time for you. He’s busy most of the time, even if he’s jobless, hobby-less and basically has nothing to do….be sure then you’re not on his priority list.

  • He late-Replies To Your Texts and Calls 

That’s a bit similar to the former warning. Let’s all agree that we have become inseparable from our cell phones. When he texts you back a day or two later,  it cannot be possible that he “HASN’T SEEN IT “. So, Plz Plz Plz…… Pretty please with a cherry on top STOP.

  • Making Excusesleft-arrow-icon

Do you often find yourself making excuses for him? (He had an important meeting, he lives too far away to come hang out with you, his neighbour’s cat just had diarrhea  and the list goes on) ..If a guy is truly into you, he’ll do the impossible just to see you or hear your voice (even if it’s this ugly face when you’ve just opened your eyes in the morning)….If this is not the case, then like the movie once said: may be “He’s Just Not That Into You”.

  • He Prefers Going Out In Groups

It will be obvious that he rarely tries to spend time alone with you.

Group of Friends Together in the City

  • He’s Not Curious Enough About YOU

If he cares he’ll start asking lots of questions about your life. Anything.Starting from how you like your coffee to what ifs!! I remember having this guy who spent hours asking me personal questions. It did not bother me; it was actually overwhelming to have someone so interested in me but it didn’t work out eventually for some other reason.

Bottom line, We girls quickly jump to conclusions and only believe what we want to believe. Every rule has an exception and same goes for the warning rules above. To be on the safe side, be patient, don’t put your hopes up, and if he does like you, he’ll make sure you know it!!