African Cup

The African Cup nears, like really nears. And everyone is planning where and how they are going to watch the big tournament.

While the luckiest of the lucky will get a chance to see it live at one of Egypt’s stadiums, some of us won’t be as lucky.

But does that mean we don’t have the right to enjoy it just as much?!


There are other places where you can watch the African Cup games with your friends and family and still get to enjoy them just as much as those in the stadium. Here are the best options:

1. Giant Screens

Recently, during major championships, some places started to opt for the next best thing and set giant screens to air the matches for A LOT of fans to see.

This year, the biggest crowd is expected to gather around the giant screen that will be set in Tahrir Square.

African Cup

There will also be giant screens showing the matches in both Cairo and Helwan Universities. In addition to most of the youth centers and clubs around THE ENTIRE COUNTRY.

The good thing about gathering around any of these gigantic screens and watching the matches is capturing a close sense of that stadium feeling thanks to being surrounded by A LOT of people, especially a few of your loved ones.

We all know that’s the second best place to feel all the action taking place on the pitch! I mean, people’s reactions alone will get your heart pumping!

2. Local Coffee Shops

The next next best thing -which is probably closest to our hearts & homes- is the local coffee shops, i.e. ahawy.

This is the go to venue for so many people during important games. And unless you live on Mars or something, odds are there is a pretty big local coffee shop (Ahwa) around your own block setting up and preparing for a full-on match displaying.

African Cup

The good thing about watching in your neighborhood Ahwa is familiarity, comfortability, and last but not least, shisha while watching the African Cup!

We all know you thought about it too…

3. House/Match Party!!

The last option and yet most convenient one of all is to just watch the games in the comfort of your own home.

But not in dull ordinary circumstances, oh no, God forbid!

If you’re staying in for the game, it doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the epic vibes of watching with other enthusiastic fans.

Invite some of your friends and family over -the more sports-obsessed, the better-, throw a house party with snacks, flags, and even football-related decorations, and watch the match together.

African Cup

The good thing about this option: you get to stay in the comfort of your own crib, yet still enjoy the epic and intense atmosphere of watching the African Cup in a group!

So now that you have all the available options, where did you decide to witness the great event next Friday? And who are you planning to watch it with? Let us know in the comments!