This is for the people studying, working or traveling abroad for a prolonged period of time. To those of you who are missing home. This is for those who find themselves scrolling through old photos or experiencing the dreaded Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO). If you’re missing your home and just feel like you need mama’s molokheya to get you through the day, then this article is for your homesickness-ridden self! 

1- Get to know the city you’re in 

This is a given, but you really need to explore the city where you’re going to be living for the time being. Wander its streets like a tourist and get to know its history before you start missing your home country. Develop a curiosity for where you’ll be dwelling and you’ll take your mind off home for a while.large

2- Eat a lot of local food

It’s true; nothing can beat mama’s molokheya. But you can’t live somewhere new without getting a taste of it. Get out of your comfort zone and check out the local flavour. This is especially important because you need to find out what you like that’s readily available in the country. If you’re in the UK, find an awesome fish and chips place. If you’re in Greece, find a 24hr restaurant that serves gyros. Wherever you are, it’s important to find a place that both you and your stomach can agree on.200_s

3- Find a friend! 

This goes without saying, but here’s the thing. When things get too hard, you need to find a friend who will be willing to travel to come and see you. If not, then you need to find someone from your home country that you can relate to. And if you haven’t found anyone from Egypt yet, then find someone who’s also experiencing homesickness and befriend them, because they’ll know exactly how you feel!f1b437bc544f1bc0164f590b4a2b953c

4- Make this place home

Start decorating your dorm or apartment; make your place welcoming. Give the place you live in all the comforts you need or had in your own home. Turning the space where you live/work into a little piece of home will help you get used to your new environment.tumblr_mz3388ldgp1qg1qx9o4_r1_250

5- Talk it out

Even though homesickness is an obvious consequence of living away from home, you still need to vocalise how you feel. Let others know what you’re dealing with rather than trying to hold it in and keep it to yourself. You never know; someone might feel the same way you do.r6b4jmj

6- Schedule everything 

Keep yourself busy. Free hours spent doing nothing are usually the moments when you’ll find yourself missing home the most. Make sure you find a load of activities to take up your free time. And who knows, you might actually get to meet new people too. Get going!9383d170a53e013354871261aee709ab

Combine all these to make a sure-fire homesickness cure!