Being Egyptian is a  super power, you can’t deny it. There are a lot of things that make any one of Egyptian descent a person of remarkable abilities. People around the world are envious of our special skills. And why wouldn’t they be, when we’ve got all these great talents at our fingertips?

1- The ability to “fasel”

El mofasla is a skill all Egyptians have mastered. If they can’t get the price of something to drop at least 20 L.E. less than the original, then they haven’t made a deal. It’s truly something that Egyptians have excelled at. It’s not for everyone, but it’s definitely a coveted skill.

2- “El faty” 

Sometimes we pretend to know about things we don’t know about, but when you think about it, it truly is a superpower. Mastering the art of el faty is not easy, because most Egyptians can tell if you’re going to faty 3aleyhom. The true master of el faty can do it without detection!

3- When you “kabar demaghk”

Life can give you lemons especially when you’re living in this country. You constantly have to deal with a lot of difficult situations and difficult people. Moving past them and having to “kabar demaghk” is an underrated skill.

5- When you “barshat” 3ala 7ad

Barshata is the Egyptian way of spending less money. Just barshat on a 5orooga or your friend’s trip to sa7el or anything really. Barshata is a skill that comes out in times of dire need and empty wallets.

6- Whenever you’re in trouble, you can  “7awar”

If ever you find yourself in a sticky situation, you can get yourself out of it with the super power of ta7weer. If you haven’t 7awart at an authority figure yet, then you’re not fully Egyptian. It’s a rite of passage.

7- And “el estehbal” is your special skill

Just as you can pretend to know something with el faty, you can estahbel and pretend you don’t! It’s crazy that we manage to have these contradictory skill sets, but it’s all part of the slew of abilities that count as super powers.

8- “El tahreeg” is your second nature

Good humor is an ability every Egyptian is born with. Everyone fancies themselves a comedian, but a country full of hilarity was never a bad thing!

So with all these great skills under our belt, it’s no wonder being Egyptian is a superpower!