Probably one of the worst feelings in the entire world is paying for a gym membership that you only use once or twice before letting it slip into the black hole of past useless expenses. Gone forever and you’re probably only unhealthier and chunkier for it, and maybe a couple of #workout posts you’re not so proud of. So no wonder you’re a little scared to make that commitment again. Fortunately, you don’t have to fork over a chunk of your salary to get fit, at least until you are in the flow of working out and feel like you will actually use the membership. Here are some ways to get fit without paying for a gym membership:


Make a space that’s “workout” space

If you’re working out at home, then you need to dedicate an area for “workout mode.” This would preferably be away from contradicting distractions like your bed or your refrigerator. Make yourself feel serious about workout time by setting up your area with a mat, towel, and a bottle of water as if you were at the gym. You don’t need to invest in a lot of gym equipment, either. Just look up equipment-free workouts.

Workout abs

Put some motivation in front of you

Motivating yourself at home where you usually chill or snack can be difficult, so put up some visual motivation around your workout area. “Goal pants” or posters are a good start, and don’t forget the music!

Workout motivational

Use the same workout videos over and over

Even if you’re not in a gym, you should get some sort of routine so you’re not just flipping through YouTube workout videos each time. Sample a variety in the beginning and then pick a few that you like. Schedule their videos or courses into your workout schedule and stick to it!

Create a routine

You should have a plan of what you will do each week, such as what days are arm days and what days are ab days. Since you don’t have the peer pressure of the gym to push yourself, keep a log with how much you do, for how long, and at what intensity so that you can motivate yourself to work harder.

Workout pushup

Pick the fun workouts

Don’t let yourself give up because you are bored. Mix in some fun workouts too, like zumba, kick boxing, or whatever feels more like having fun than working. This will help keep you going and motivated to actually get off the couch.

Workout jump


Release your inner child and start playing

We really underestimate how much exercise you get just by playing or sport or being more active outside. Join a group that plays football or ultimate frisbee and get your heart rate going!

Workout ultimate frisbee

Go on active outings instead of to the cafe

Replacing your sedentary hangout sessions with active ones is a fun way to get some exercise in. Instead of chilling at the cafe or watching movies all weekend, hike up to the top of St. Catherine with some friends and watch the sunrise. Or the next time you go on vacation to the seaside, ditch the beach and sign up for kitesurfing or anything else that will make you get moving.

Put some more steps into your day

It’s really cliche, but that’s because you should do it. Walk when you don’t have to take a car to add some calorie burning to your schedule. Walking is also a great way to get out and enjoy your city. Don’t have enough time for one of those outings listed above? Just tour Cairo instead with some of your friends… by feet. Wandering around the Citadel or some of the hidden museums will keep you moving and enjoying the culture around you.

Workout walking