We all go through a rough patch, no matter the circumstances. You can have the best marriage in the world, with rainbows adorning your morning and unicorns dancing circles around you, and still not feel your best. It’s okay, it happens. No one can take tens of years of marriage and come out on top, no matter what, you’ll always fall and skid your knees. Your relationship will sometimes feel like it’s closing in on you, and you’ll feel like the smallest person on the planet.

Nothing I said is out of the ordinary, it’s all totally okay and it all happens, even to the best of couples. You can be out with a couple and feel like their lives are wonderful, their relationship the best and their time full of love. That’s not true, they can be going through he worst rough patch of their lives, and you wouldn’t know it. If there;s one thing you should know, it’s that nothing is perfect, most of all a relationship.

The trick to making it work, though, is showing each other how important you are to one another. It’s the small stuff that makes a huge diggerence. There’s this saying, that there are ways in which you know someone loves you, not by the words they utter, but by their actions. “Take care”, “take your jacket”, “I miss you”. All of these, they come nowhere near to what “I love you” means on the grand scale of things, but add up.



Nothing can jumpstart a good feeling more than getting a compliment from your significant other. Nothing can make someone’s entire day more than a teeny, tiny compliment. The fact of the matter remains that that one significant sentence will most definitely mean nothing to you, but the world to them.



You can be chockfull of happy emotions, dancing on the moon, swaying on cloud nine, and one small act will dampen your entire mood. An act of disrespect can rain on someone’s parade in a millisecond, so fast you can’t even see it. But they’ll feel it, alright. Make sure your words are laced with care and respect. Even if you’re in the worst argument you’ve ever endured, make sure you’re respectful. It’s one of the few ways you can show your love, rather than say it.



Nothing can elevate someone’s mood more than the physical touch. It doesn’t have to be sexual. Hug them when they walk through the door after a long, tiring day. Hold their hands when they’re going through a bad time in their lives. A quick peck on the cheek before you go out the door can make a huge difference. Like I said, it’s all in the small details. No one will feel loved if you say the words but don’t show it physically.



If you’re feeling like you’re in a rut, why not go out for a fun, intimate night. Go somewhere quite where you can talk and laugh and let go. Go to the beach and take a quick, humorous dip in the water. Hell, disconnect from the world and go away for a few days. It doesn’t matter, as long as it’s fun for the both of you. Do something that will make you shriek your way in laughter. Do something that will be remembered as long as you both shall live. Go out and have fun!



We get it, you’re a close couple, but nothing can ruin a relationship faster than the feeling of suffocation. Let him know that he can go out with his friends. Let her know that she can invite the girls for a night in. Make an effort to show that you care about their lives away from you. Why don’t you organize a night in for your guy and his friends. Cook the food, organize the setting, make it as amazing as it gets, and let him know you’re spending the day at your mothers. Why don’t you treat her and her best friends to a weekend at the spa. It doesn’t matter, as long as you let your significant other know that you care about their individual lives, that you actually want them to go out and let loose and have a ball.


Nothing can magically fix a rocky relationship. What can make it better, though, is the feeling of being loved. Make sure you let your S/O know just how you feel about them, day in and day out. Remember, no one stays in a relationship if they feel unloved.