You know what’s harder than being in a relationship? Being in a relationship in Egypt! I mean forget about complicated, because Egyptian relationships are far worse than that! Don’t believe us? Check out these ways relationships in Egypt are messed up!

1. Most Egyptians view relationships as a gateway to marriage

There is no such thing as casual relationships in Egypt. It’s either you’re in it to marry me, or there is no relationship at all. There is no trying things out. Seeing if we could work out. You either marry me or I will look for someone else who would marry me.

2. Mind games play a huge part of our lives

We were built in a way where if we admit to the other person that we like them, the world burns. So we play these ridiculous mind games in hopes of not looking too attached.

3. Every relationship is supposed to be your first relationship

There is not such thing as I’ve been in a relationship with this guy or girl before. You shouldn’t have a history. The relationship you are in right now is supposed to be your first, and if it’s not then you are a big whore/manwhore.

4. You’re forever remembered as Folan’s Ex

You know how you made a terrible mistake and got in a relationship with this guy or girl before? Well, we know you’re trying hard to forget that, but Egyptians just won’t let you! You are forever beta3et 3elan! Because obviously you’re an object. You belong to somebody.

5. We think that being in a relationship gives us the right to control our partner’s life

Apparently in Egypt, your partner reflects back on you so you can tell them where to go and not to go. What to do and not to do. You basically own them.

6. You’re in a relationship but all you’re expected to do is hold hands

It’s funny how we say that we are in a relationship when the truth is it’s a label which means absolutely nothing at all in Egypt. You’re in a relationship, but you can’t make out or even hug. What does relationship even mean? How about best friends who love each other and can’t do anything about it instead?


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