Don’t try to be sexy:

For most men, women look sexiest in a large t-shirt with no pants on, and messy hair. So you don’t have to wear sexy, revealing black lingerie to turn him on. Simplicity is the biggest turn on!

Show him your silly side:

Men like their girls to have a good sense of humour. For example, you could wear a Marge Simpson costume, and talk dirty to him while imitating her voice. It’ll amuse him – guys love it when their girl is being herself.

Take control:

During sex, if he’s talking or grunting too much, clamp your hand over his mouth – it gets him even more aroused. Men like a girl who knows what she wants – or doesn’t want – and has no problem letting them know.

Laugh and be fun:

Don’t get me wrong – do NOT laugh out loud at something he did during sex!! He’ll get intimidated and think he did something wrong. But while you’re being intimate, you might giggle a bit or do a little laugh, so that he knows you’re having fun and that he is doing it right. No guy wants someone that is always serious and overly sensual!

Get dirty:

If you’ve just finished working out at home or at the gym, don’t shower right away. As dirty as you may feel, the sweat on your body and your wet hair is a big YES for him!

Be tricky:

It doesn’t matter if it’s your first kiss or your millionth; let him take the lead when it comes to kissing and making out with you. Stay coy, and every now and then, break free like a wild stallion and return the favour more aggressively than him. This works best with passionate kisses and foreplay. Most girls don’t get this right and it’s an art to learn. But once you learn the trick, you’ll make him wet his shorts halfway through!

Tease him:

Do a little strip tease or give him a lap dance. But do NOT let him touch you whatsoever until you are finished! Make him watch you, then long to touch you! Make him obey the no-touching rule – it will drive him crazy!

  • Omar