We girls always have the intention to take care of ourselves and beautify, but, come on we never tend to know what exactly to do! We feel that it’s too much of a hassle. Here are some simple natural ways to maintain hair and skin beauty without a big fuss. Enjoy!!

For Hair:


1-Natural Lightening Effect:


Lemon Juice

Add the mixture to your conditioner. Itย can lighten your hair gradually after constant usage.

2-Deep Conditioning:

2 tbsp Honey

1 tbsp Olive Oil

1 tsp Plain Yogurt

Warm the olive oil first and then add the honey and yoghurt, apply it on clean damp hair and keep it for 20 mins. before rinsing. Use this mask once a week.

3-Scalp Massage Hair Growth:

9 parts honey

1 part water

Apply to the scalp first and massage for 2-3 mins., then cover your whole hair with the mixture from roots to tips, Leave it for up to 3 hrs. before rinsing it with warm water.


For Skin

1-For Acne:


Use raw organic honey and leave it on for 30 mins.

2-For Eczema:


Mix equal parts of cinnamon powder and honey and apply it on the affected areas.

3-Exfoliating (For pores and blackheads):


Mix honey, lemon juice, and sugar. Rub your skin with the mixture for 10 min. and then rinse it with warm water.


lemon honey

Cut half a lemon, add a tbsp of honey on it, and scrub your whole face with it.


1-Use raw organic honey.

2-The masks won’t work from the first time, so you have to be patient and consistent and the results will show after the third to fourth application.