If you—or one of your family members or friends—have a disability, you surely will understand what it is like to have to struggle in the streets of Egypt. It is a known fact that the sidewalks, metro stations, and the majority of facilities in Egypt do not support facilities for people with special needs’ daily challenges in Egypt; the struggle is constant, and the very basic actions can be daunting.

Struggles of People with Disabilities in Egypt

Surely, making Egypt’s infrastructure accessible is not a trivial matter, but seldom it is discussed; the roads are not of any help and transportation methods are next to nothing. For wheelchairs, vehicles must be equipped with harnesses and allow modification to ensure the safe transport of the individual.

People with special needs in Egypt are struggling with integrating into the day-to-day activities in Egypt; that’s why every little thing helps.

Accessible Streets

There are more than 290,000 people with disabilities in Alexandria. That is why it was a good place to start with the initiative.

To make Alexandria more accessible, Careem started this initiative with the aim of making the streets and facilities of Egypt more friendly to the people with disabilities and raising the needed awareness concerning improving the infrastructure and transportation. For that, Careem built ramps in Alexandria’s main streets and next to the pedestrian crossing signs along Alexandria’s Cornish.

Accessible Beaches

One of the many efforts by Careem is the Mandara Beach’s Track where Careem build a lane providing people with disabilities with better paths to use and making it accessible to them.

Careem Assist


Careem Assist is a new service that is initiated by Careem, which is dedicated for people with motor disability to ensure that they use transportation in Egypt safely and with dignity. Careem App now can be used to order accessible and wheelchair-friendly vehicles with ease, making transportation easier to them.

Careem‘s Efforts and Solutions Make Streets More Accessible

In the end, the efforts by Careem did provide some options for the people with disabilities in Egypt, contributing to making Egypt’s infrastructure accessible to everyone.

And in the light of doing the right actions, Careem Assist is a very good action in this aspect, as well as a good start on this path: clearing a path for the people with disability and making life easier for them.

And as actions speak louder than any words, Careem showed us that they do care about helping to create this clear path.